Lee Harvey Oswald And His Shadows

Lee Harvey Oswald and His Shadows

The Backyard Photos: the public framing of Lee Harvey Oswald and His shadows

I think Jim Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney, said it best when he said, Oswald didn’t kill anyone.  Oswald was framed.  He was a sheep-dipped patsy.

Let’s examine the photo that was used to frame Lee Harvey Oswald as the murderer of President Kennedy to the American public in early 1964.  When you examine that photo, and the discussion Lee Harvey Oswald and His Shadows, you will realize that it is a fraudulent piece of evidence and you begin to get the idea that Oswald is innocent and was framed and a conspiracy had taken place.  This is just one piece of a vast, complex conspiracy that resulted in the death of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and many others.

Life Magazine came out with a story and photos about Lee Harvey Oswald.   They published this photo on Feb. 21, 1964.

There he is, the murderer of President Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippett!  This is what we were to believe.  He has the rifle that killed Kennedy, the pistol that killed Officer Tippitt, and a communist newspaper announcing his beliefs.

The Warren Commission labeled this photo in evidence as CE 133A.  It is one of several Backyard Photos.  We won’t concern ourselves with the others.  It is a copy of the original photo allegedly found in Ruth Paine’s garage by the Dallas City police where Lee Harvey Oswald had stored his possessions.

This photo was showed to Oswald by Captain Fritz before it was allegedly found in Ruth Payne’s garage.  Oswald said it was not him.  He said it was his head pasted onto someone else’s body.  Given time he would prove that.  If he was not already scheduled to die this would have signed his death warrant.

The Warren Commission validated this photo as a true and a correct picture of their version of Oswald as the demented killer of President Kennedy.  Later the House Select Committee on Assassination also authenticated this photo in the 1970’s.

Evil men in those two government agencies are responsible for that.  True to the old saying that evil lives on.  Others since then have tried to make this photo a valid and acceptable portrait of Lee Oswald.  It is still a controversy today.  Why, I don’t know why after 50+ years.

Life Magazine was thoroughly convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone killer of President Kennedy and wanted the public to know this.  After all, all of the evidence plus this photo were undeniable.  This photo shows Oswald, the communist defector, waving a communist paper, with the rifle he used to kill Kennedy and the pistol he used to kill Officer Tippit in Dallas on the same day just less than an hour apart, just 45 minutes later.   Solid evidence at the time this magazine article was published.

What do you need to understand this and make a decision on the photo’s authenticity?  You need to have the wisdom, conviction of your own beliefs, and the courage to stand by those beliefs.   Here is what I find undeniable and irrefutable:

This discussion concerns Lee Harvey Oswald and his shadows.  There are shadows moving in 3 different directions showing the photo is an altered, fake photo. 

This photo was taken outside in daylilght and it is physically impossible to have shadows moving in 3 different directions which call for the sun to be in 3 different directions.  Follow the arrows on the photo and you see that this is true and undeniable.

What can be said at this point. The shadows move in 3 different directions indicating 3 different light sources.  And, in doing, they indicate fraud, which is:


1)  Undeniable

2)  Irrefutable

3)  Incontrovertible

4)  Not open to discussion

5)  Not open to refusal

6)  Incapable of dispute


But, that is no barrier to the Lone Gunners or Lone Nutters.  They will find a way to deny this to their satisfication.

Follow the red arrows on the Life Magazine photo of Oswald.

The shadows do not lie as people do.  And, I don’t know why people didn’t see this over 50 years ago.

  • I will use directions in the discussion of the photo that are standard for people. Right and left are picture left and picture right as held in your right hand.
  • Notice that the shadows of the steps to the left of the picture move towards the right side of the picture.  This indicates the light source in this is photo, taken outside in Dallas, Texas, is to the left of the Oswald figure casting shadows to the right.  It is the sun.
  • Notice that the Oswald figures’ shadow moves to the left. This is a direct impossibility. This is the first glaring mistake made by the photo composer.  There cannot be two suns shining and casting shadows in different directions at the same time.  This is a common artist’s mistake when they first began composing paintings as they learn to paint landscapes.  Roscoe White is one of the suspects for this picture.  At the time he was learning photo editing.
  • This body shadow of the Lee Oswald figure indicates the light source or sun is to the right of the Oswald figure casting shadows to the left. Are you beginning to get the idea that something might be wrong here; two light sources or two suns in one photo casting shadow in different directions?
  • Notice the shadow under the Oswald figure’s nose. This shadow is moving downward indicating the light source or sun is overhead.  This gives us a third shadow direction or pattern.  Three suns casting shadows in 3 different directions.  This is a violation of the laws of nature.  This cannot be refuted or denied by truthful and honest people.
  • CE 133A has three light sources or suns for the types of shadows displayed. That violates the laws of nature, but makes a framing, cover-up, and conspiracy possible. Violating the laws of nature is not an uncommon occurrence when dealing with the visual record of the assassination in Dealey Plaza.  Most of the visual evidence I have examined in Dealey Plaza is tainted in some part or in whole.
  • CE 133A is a fraud! Jack White who studied these photos for many years and lists for you 15 things that falsify these photos. You can look this up on the internet.
  • But, you only need one to expose backyard photos for the hoax that they are. Only one is necessary.  And, the one I have chosen cannot be argued against by a sane, honest person.  It is undeniable and irrefutable. The facts are beyond a reasonable doubt.

The backyard photos convinced the public that Lee Harvey Oswald, holding a rifle to kill President Kennedy, having a pistol to kill Officer Tippitt,  and with communist beliefs murdered President John Kennedy more than 50 years ago.  It is a monstrous fraud.  It is a monstrous evil and in need of exposure and correction.

I hope this discussion ends over 50 years of evil doing.  But, knowing people on the opposite side I am not optimistic.

Jack White, a long time researcher in the visual record of Dealey Plaza, gave a good account of these photos as fake.  Here is a link to a blog called newsblaze.com.  http://newsblaze.com/usnews/national/the-backyard-photos-of-lee-harvey-oswald-are-fakes_9208/  This gives a reasonable discussion of Jack White and of the backyard photos.