Altgens 5, A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street

Altgens 5, A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street

Altgens 5, A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street Is An Altered, Composite Fake And A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street.

This Altgens 5 photo is the suitable subject for the header to my blog site,  The reason for this is that this photo symbolizes all that is wrong with the visual record in Dealey Plaza.  Many other photos and films, I would say most, have been altered like Altgens 5.  Is Altgens 5, A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street?  Probably, it is the only answer I can come up with that suggests something drastic and in need of covering up.  Why else alter this photo?

The visual record has been altered to tell a different story of what occurred in Dealey Plaza when President Kennedy passed through.  By examining and then discarding photos like Altgens 5 and others, one can then begin looking for a different view of events in Dealey Plaza.

Altgens 5 is one of the sharper, clearer photos available in the records of Dealey Plaza.  Most photos and films are blurred, difficult to see, and hard to interpret as to what the content is.  Altgens 5 doesn’t have those problems.

James William “Ike” Altgens was a photo editor for the Associated Press. He worked at the Dallas Morning News.   On November 22, 1963 at a little before 12:30 on that day he took this picture of the presidential motorcade. The question here becomes is this really an authentic photo or a composite fraud pretending to be the real thing?  You can make a judgment as you read through this article.

If this photo is a fraud then who is responsible?  Is it Ike Altgens, The Dallas Morning News, or maybe the Associated Press in New York where this photo was sent later.

Jack White was a long time researcher in the visual record of the JFK assassination, probably the most famous. In The Great Zapruder Film Hoax, 2003, p. 46 he says Altgens 5 and Altgens 6 are genuine and can be used in comparison to the Zapruder film.  Jack missed it on these two, why?  And, although he didn’t mention it, he missed it on Altgens 7 also.  I wonder why since he mentioned later on the in 2009 that these are “alleged Altgens photos”.

Was he at the point of thinking there was something wrong with Altgens 5 and other Altgens photos?  Or, did he know and remain silent?  Let’s explore.

There are initially 3 things to be shown in the following cropped section of Altgens 5.

1.  This photo shows that the front tire is a composite of photos of two different tires.  Altgens 5 is a popular photo on the internet and easily downloaded.  Here’s a cropped version of Altgens 5 showing the tires in a clearer manner.  Look where the No. 1 red arrow is pointing.

The front part of the tire does not match the rear part and does not meet the pavement in the same manner.  This is the first indication we are dealing with a fraud and alteration.

2. The rear tire appears to be of a more normal appearance until you look at it closely. Then, you will see something peculiar.  This rear tire appears to be turning to the right.  The top section of the whitewall is much narrower then the bottom section of the tire’s whitewall.  The tire’s perspective indicates it is turning to the right.  This is partially corrected by adding the partial image of another tire.

This tire matches better than the front tire but, is still a little off.  A turning tire in those days is a front tire in a rear wheel propelled vehicle.  There is a black mark at the bottom of the tire.  Is it a shadow or ink/paint to tie the two tire photos together?  Another problem is the rear tire’s wheel well body projects into the tire which should cause it to present problems in driving.

3.  There is a screen or shade on the vehicle window near Nellie Connally. This is also seen in Altgens 6.  However, this shade or screen is not seen in many other photos or films of the presidential limousine on Houston Street and Elm Street.  Whoever edited these photos forgot to put the screen in Altgens 7.  Including a shade in Altgens 5 serves no person unless it connects to being seen in Altgens 6.  The screen in Altgens 6 helps hide a perspective problem of where Jackie Kennedy is sitting in relation to Nellie Connally.  She should be directly behind her and is not.

There are reflections on the side of the presidential limousine in Altgens 5.  What can we learn from these reflections?

In optical physics reflections from a convex surface such as the side of a vehicle reflect this way.  The angle of incidence (what is to be reflected, the source of the image) equals the angle of reflection (what is shown) in the opposite direction.  The red lines give roughly the equal directions of the angles.

To make this clearer this is from the internet:

“The law of reflection:

4.  Objects can be seen by the light they emit, or, more often, by the light they reflect. Reflected light obeys the law of reflection, that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence.

This information tells one that if a person is standing to the rear of an object.  Let us say the presidential limousine.  And, that person is taking a photo.  What is reflected comes from the frontal direction of the vehicle rather than the rearwards view.

In Altgens 5, the angle of incidence should show reflections on the side of the Presidential Vehicle that reflect from the front.  These should show the crowd of people standing on the west side of Houston St.  And, the crowd in from of the Dealey Plaza Reflecting Pool, perhaps the intersection of Elm St. and Houston St., with the Texas School Book Depository in the background.

What is reflected should show these people and this area as shown in this frame from the Hughes film.  The presidential vehicle in Altgens 5 would be where the last vehicle is in this Robert Hughes Film frame.

This is the same cropped version of Altgens 5 displayed earlier.  It shows what is reflected on the side of the Presidential limousine:

This reflection from the front fender part of the Presidential limousine shows the Triple Underpass on Main St. It shows traffic policemen there.  And, it shows the crowd lining the Main St. intersection on the west side of the intersection.  It also shows vehicles on south Houston St.  Why not Main St.?  There was not any traffic on Main St. except a traffic controller in a 3 wheel motorcycle.   Traffic was stopped on Commerce St.  The vehicle shown here is already past where this reflection can be shown.

This reflection can only be displayed if the vehicle is on Main St. turning onto Houston St. and the photographer is on the southwest side of the Main St.-Houston St. intersection, which is where Altgens said he was.  The angle of incidence striking the vehicle is reflecting to both sides of the vehicle.  What is reflected are the two motorcycle policemen, Martin and Hargess turning onto Houston Street, and vehicles with lights shining.  This reflection is probably of vehicles on west Main St.

This is showing an impossible reflection on the side of the vehicle where it is located on Houston St. in Altgens5.  This reflection would come from a presidential vehicle turning onto Houston St. from Main St. about where it is shown in the Weaver Polaroid.

There is another thing to consider about Altgens 5.  This is the crowd that is standing in the intersection of east Elm Street and Houston Street.  The crowd is identified by a red line above them.  Jack White says that this group of people is totally different from the group of people seen there in the Zapruder film.  Not a person is the same there in Altgens 5 and the Zapruder film.

These 5 things prove that Altgens 5 is an altered, composite fraud.  The real question is why is has this photo by Altgens been altered?  What things happened here that we are not supposed to see and necessitated altering Altgens 5?  Considerable work was done to alter Altgens 5.  Why would someone take the time and energy to do such a thing?  Under whose direction was this done?  Could there have been shooting on Houston Street in Dealey Plaza and Altgens 5 covers up that imagery?

Altgens 5 is not alone in suggesting things are not quite as we are told about the advent of President Kennedy passing through the intersection of Main and Houston Streets.  There are other questionable films and photos from that area as President Kennedy passed through there.  Over time we will explore these.

We will look at the Marie Muchmore film, the Robert Hughes film.  We will review others such as the John Martin film, the Tina Towner film, and others.

This is the main purpose of this blog to explore a different view of the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.  This is suggested as the only course to pursue once you begin to see these alterations in photos and films.  What do these alterations hide?  Can we look past these and see if we can get past the grand deception in Dealey Plaza.  What are we not supposed to see?

If you are interested in other work I have done you can go to the Education Forum in the JFK Assassination Debate and search for John Butler Posts.  I will be revisiting some of the work done there.  This is in the hope I can make clearer what was done there without interference.