The Best Place to Shoot to in Dealey Plaza

The Best Place to Shoot to in Dealey Plaza

The Best Places to Shoot to in Dealey Plaza for Ambush Sites

In the discussion on Altgens 5, it was mentioned that there may have been a possibility of shooting on Houston Street. The evidence for such is fairly weak at this point involving the fraudulent Altgens 5 photo. I will develop more later and will expand the narrative to Main Street. All we have out of Altgens 5 is there must have been some reason for altering this photo. In altering the photo an alternate version of reality was established. What reality were they avoiding? I can only conclude shooting or the effects of shooting.  So, let’s look for the The Best Place to Shoot to in Dealey Plaza.

Dealey Plaza was picked as the assassination location for a variety of reasons. We will deal with only one of these here. This is its physical suitability as an assassination site.  First off, let’s examine the environment. Here is a photo of Dealey Plaza taken I believe in the late 1960’s, I believe 1967. Very little has changed since the assassination. The building on the extreme right on Main St. has been completed.  A blue-grey building east of the Old Court House on South Record Street has been torn down recently from the look of things there. The trees and bushes have grown slightly taller.

In July, 2015 I made a trip to Texas to see what changes have occurred at Fort Hood, Texas since 1969 when I was stationed there. On the way, my wife and I stopped in Dealey Plaza. The first thing I noticed is that there are short distances between buildings and places there in the plaza. Those short distances make it possible to shoot from anywhere and have a reasonable expectation of hitting your target. These distances are no problem for expert marksmen with rifles scoped or not.

Dealey Plaza immediately became Murder Plaza to me. It became instantly apparent that placing a rifleman was not the important consideration but, where to site your ambush spot or spots was. So, where is the best place to shoot to? Consider the following photos. If you take the time to follow each line you will see the best ambush locations in the following photos.

There are 13 red lines representing possible firing angles converging on the intersection of Main and Houston Streets. You could draw more. If you go down to street level and look east on Main Street the view offers windows and rooftops galore.  Great places for shooting.  The intersection offers 4 ways to shoot from outside the intersection and the plaza which would eliminate or reduce noise from gunshots.  You can shoot up and down streets which offer the possibility of reducing collateral damage.  This is probably the best place to shoot someone in Dealey Plaza. You can shoot from as far back as the Adolphus Hotel or the Texas Bank reducing sound.  The next photo will give you a closer look at possibilities.

People who visit the 6th Floor Museum Sniper’s Nest at the TSBD or Texas School Book Depository generally look down Houston Street and wonder why the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t shoot while the President was on Houston Street.

The next photo shows the beginning of fireworks in front of the Court Records Building. Nowhere is there a visual source that shows the presidential limousine passing the Court Records Building. This area is skipped by deletion of frames in all films taken that day in Dealey Plaza. You will not find a photo that shows the presidential limousine passing by the middle portion of the building.

I believe this is the beginning of the ambush at the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets. The shooting continues until the limousine reaches the Southwest Corner of the TSBD. There I believe President Kennedy was shot in the head from either the Grassy Knoll or the Triple Underpass. It could have happened on Houston Street or Main Street but, witness testimony favors the intersection of Elm and Houston.

Shooting in the intersection of Main and Houston is testified to by two witnesses. In a later interview both witnesses changed their story. Jackie Kennedy’s statements about the events of the assassination can be read as shooting occurring on Main Street.  Shooting in the intersection of Elm and Houston is testified to by 25 witnesses out of 50 closest to the alleged Sniper’s Nest in the TSBD. There are more witnesses in the intersection that said they heard shooting when the presidential limousine entered the intersection. There is a possibility that more witnesses said so but, their testimony was changed by the FBI. The FBI badgered many witnesses into changing their testimony.

As in the Main and Houston intersection you can draw more lines at the intersection of Houston and Elm. You can see from these photos there are two ambush spots of basically equal worth. The Main and Houston intersection might be slightly superior. In this photo we can see that President Kennedy’s shallow angle head wound, as described by the Parkland staff is from the right temple to occipital region, can only be made by one of the firing trajectories shown here that include the Grassy Knoll or the Triple Underpass. Shooting from the South Grassy Knoll is possible but, circumstances have to be right to with President Kennedy’s head turned correctly so the wound as described by the Parkland Hospital staff could be made.

President Kennedy’s head wound could also be made on Houston Street firing from the second or third floor offices of the TSBD. Or, from the fire escape on the east side which connects to these offices. There is another possibility.  That is firing from the Triple Underpass to about Market Street on Main Street.  These are not a likely scenarios but, it might be possible. From what the witnesses said the intersection of Elm and Houston Streets and in front of the TSBD are more likely.

There are two text book perfect L-shaped ambushes here. The ambush for either would start before the president arrived there at the killing zone.  I have never really been an advocate of snipers shooting from the Triple Underpass due to the presence of more than two Dallas policemen there. However, I now have revised that opinion because the presence of the Ghost Train of Dealey Plaza and the possibility that it stopped for a short period of time during the assassination. The people there heard firecracker sounds. If a train was moving through you probably would not have heard anything but train if you were close to the train.

The only reason to not use Elm Street, the sensible street, as a route to the Stemmons Freeway was to get that extra ambush spot at the intersection of Main and Houston Street. If the route called for a change at Harwood St. to turn down Elm Street the best ambush spot would have been missed.  James Fetzer stated in a documentary for the History Channel that 15 Secret Service policies were violated to use the route that was used.

The evidence for these assumptions will be dealt with in other discussions.