The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction?

The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction?

The Babushka Lady is a mystery and fraud.

And, there she is:

She is lit with a radiant glow as if she has just descended from the heavens by magic. Well, perhaps the magic of the photo editors.  She is The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction?

Even today we do not know who this woman is. And, after this discussion you still will not know but, you will realize that the Babushka Lady as pictured is not important to any discussion because she is a fantasy on Elm Street. You will realize there is a far greater mystery involving scenes like this and the Zapruder film’s Lady in Blue. To answer the question is “The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction?”. The Babushka Lady is a mystery and fraudulent image in many places.

That’s bold talk. Let’s see if we can back that up. There are three questions to ask at this point. They are:

• How many Babushka Ladies were there?
• Which one is the Babushka Lady for real?
• Was she even on Elm St. at all during the assassination?

Let’s work with the first question. How many Babushka Ladies (hereafter BB Lady or Ladies) were there all together? Would you believe 9 and 1 pretender? There were 9 Babushka Ladies.  Some of them could be the same but, they are in different positions at different times in different films and photos. The 3 pictured on Main Street are different and we see them in other places and other media. There is a 9th BB Lady on East Houston Street in the Altgens 5 photo just past Jackie Kennedy’s hat in direction. By a loose count there are at least 8 different BB Ladies.

We will begin with the Black Babushka Lady. She doesn’t really relate to this discussion due to her skin color and clothing. The Black Babushka Lady has just come over from Main Street. She doesn’t have a raincoat, which you can see in this next photo. The top candidate for this position of BB Lady belongs to the one on Main St. standing behind Jim Featherstone.

Also, featured here is another claimant, a pretender used by some, who really bears no relationship, to any of the various BB Ladies. Look at the collage below and examine the two ladies dress, accessories, and appearance.

The woman, picture left, is a woman perhaps in her mid-fifties to mid-sixties. She is dressed in a heavy coat or parka. She does not have a scarf for a babushka. The woman on the picture right is younger in appearance and matches the BB Lady on Main St.

Are there more BB Ladies? Here, we have 2 more. One is already accounted for in the earlier photo.

The first BB Lady here, picture left, doesn’t have a raincoat so we can eliminate her. She’s not the Black Babushka Lady so she is someone different from the 3 on Main Street. The one in the center is usually named the BB Lady. The one on the picture right cannot qualify for the BB Lady as seen on Houston Street. She has on white socks. None of the BB Ladies on Main do. She has a light scarf as Beverly Oliver said as she claimed the Babushka Lady.

And there is a BB Lady on Main St. as shown in the Hughes film. She had been standing on the corner of Main and Houston before the motorcade went by as seen in the Muchmore film.

The time in the Hughes film is after the assassination has occurred and the motorcade has left the intersection of Main and Houston. The presidential limousine has already left Dealey Plaza. If this is the BB Lady then she never made it to Elm Street to film events there. This BB Lady does not have sunglasses and her coat is darker. This may just be the shadows.

Next from Hughes, is another BB Lady moving towards Elm Street after the assassination is over. This woman was also seen standing on Main Street in the Muchmore film when the motorcade went by.

And, from Nix we have this:

Are these two the same BB Lady? She seems to be moving toward Elm Street?

So the 3 BB Ladies on Main Street are different people but, seen in different media in different places. But, they are first seen on the NE corner of Main and Houston. Chief Curry’s vehicle is just making the turn.

Here we have a problem with film editing in Marie Muchmore and Robert Hughes. The BB Lady nearest Main St. has on a green raincoat. In Robert Hughes she doesn’t. Somebody didn’t get the word.

The last BB Lady in our count can be found on Main Street in front of the Criminal Courts Building. She is actually one of the 3 there. She is the best candidate for the BB Lady on Elm Street in Altgens 4. The style of her raincoat will help identify this BB Lady.

The 2nd question is moot. We have 9 candidates without knowing who the identity of any of them is. It seems no one was really interested in the identity of the BB Ladies or the Lady in Blue. Various government agencies were not interested enough to track them down and identify who they were.

If you accept the evidence of the visual record uncritically then the Babushka Lady featured on Main Street with Jim Featherstone is a good guess. However, none of the BB Ladies on NE Main made it in time to Elm Street to film the assassination. This includes the Lady in Blue. How can that be?

The 3rd question will be discussed in the second part of this article.