The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction? Part II

The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction? Part II

The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction? Part II– The Babushka Lady is the Lady in Blue.

The third question was “Was she even on Elm St. at all during the assassination”? There is a curious fact about the BB Lady that Lone Gun theorists cannot get around, even though they will bitterly deny it. She is absent and not to be found in that greatest of all assassination films, the Zapruder film.

What does it mean for the BB Lady to be missing in the Zapruder film? What does it mean for the Babushka Lady not to be on Elm St. when the presidential limousine passed in Zapruder? And, what does it mean for the authenticity of the Zapruder film when the BB Lady is seen in other films and photos on Elm Street in place of the Lady in Blue? Examine the following montages:



Behind Charles Brehm and son is a blond woman wearing a black head band and a blue dress. The dark blue dress often appears black. In the frame, picture right we can see Jean Hill. This firmly establishes her location next to Jean Hill in Z frame 288 in Zapruder. This is the spot of the BB Lady as seen in other media.

Is the Lady in Blue fictitious? Is she made up in the Zapruder film? There is one other photo that shows her. This is Willis Slide 7.

The FBI kept the Willis slides for years. One of the things edited out was a train seen through the Pergola of the Grassy Knoll. One of the things they forgot to edit out was the Zapruder Lady in Blue and replace her with the BB Lady. Or, was she edited into the slide?



Who is the Lady in Blue? Does her identity need to be protected the same as the other BB Lady? Are they co-conspirators and their identity needs to be protected? Is substituting one for the other a means of identity protection? Who is the Lady in Blue and what is her significance that she has to be replaced in other films and photos? These are questions that are never asked.

Here is another frame from Nix showing a woman with a black head band. The black dress or coat with longer sleeves and high collar appear artificial. This is the Lady in Blue. She hasn’t made it to Elm Street. She missed filming the assassination on Elm.



The next frame is from Muchhmore in which we see the Lady in Blue partially covered by the the lower half of the BB Lady’s raincoat. Her black head band is partially obscured. And, her blond hair is visible. This shows one the process of how to convert the Lady in Blue to the Babushka Lady.



Maybe the following montages will help clarify this idea:



Here we see the NE corner of Main with the Lady in Blue disguised as a BB Lady. Next are two scenes are also from Muchmore showing the Lady in Blue.

In the next collage we have a solid blue or black Lady in Blue is the first frame, she is partially covered with the BB Lady’s raincoat in the second frame, and the last she is fully converted into the BB Lady.


Here is a complication to the story just observed and not available at the time to go into Part I. This is the Zapruder frame 136. In Mannequin Row there are two suspicious characters that suggest Mannequin Row is a fabrication entirely. Here is Z frame 136:



Speaking of BB Ladies, there are now 11, if you count the lady with the red scarf and the woman with the blue scarf. Are these two ladies pointed out by the red arrows the BB Lady and the Lady in Blue from the corner of Main Street and Houston Street? They appear to be. How can that be? How can you not see that in nearly 54 years? Easy, no one was looking for the BB lady in Mannequin Row, of all places. But, there she is in all her glory.



This is Z frame 150 which identifies the witnesses in Mannequin Row. The woman identified as Jane Berry is seen as alternately having a babushka or blonde hair. In one frame she has dark hair and a head scarf. The woman identified as Betty Thornton is seen in other frames as identical to the BB Lady.

Nowhere do you get to see all of the women’s faces in this row.  In Willis and Betzner you do not get to see all of the women there.  You only get the back side view in most photos and have to rely on witness statements to identify who these ladies are.

This is just another indication that nothing in the Zapruder film can be taken at face value.
There are other photos to consider but, the next is an Allen photo. Here, we see the BB Lady running to get over to Elm St. This is several seconds to several minutes after the presidential limousine has passed through.



There is sufficient documentation to observe that the BB Lady was not really on Elm St. until after the assassination was over. Go back and consider some of the frames from Zapruder, Hughes, Nix, and Bronson showing her in the grass on the way to Elm St.
This is fair evidence that the BB Lady did not make it to Elm Street in time to film the assassination as portrayed there. What about the Lady in Blue?

We have already seen in a frame from Nix showing her enroute to Elm Street after the assassination was over. In Nix it is difficult to separate what is Nix and what is the work of military intelligence photographers.  Are there other frames?



Or, maybe the See Through BB Lady from Muchmore can convince you of her solidity or non-solidity on Elm St.



What does all this mean? You can’t prove the BB Lady or the Lady in Blue were on Elm St. for the assassination in a criminal court. There is too much reasonable doubt.

Why are the BB Lady and the Lady in Blue unknown? Who is covering up for them? Could the Lady in Blue be a Jack Ruby “girl” photographing the big event for him? Another Jack Ruby “girl” Beverly Oliver claimed to be the BB Lady. Both of them, the Lady in Blue and the BB Lady, are a mystery that has never really been explored.

Could a Jack Ruby employee such as Tammi True be the Lady in Blue? The hair style is similar requiring a band or bow to separate the front part from the rear part of her hair. In this photo she has a black band in her hair. She likes dark clothing to compliment her blond hair as seen here. Is she wearing a dress or coat? Tammi looks like she can go on out to Dealey Plaza and start filming. Jack Ruby is the iconic Mafia Hood.



Does Tammi True really look like Sandra Dee in the 1961 movie Tammy Tell Me True. Did men really go to the Carousal Club and pay money to see Sandra Dee naked as portrayed by Tammi True, aka Nancy Myers? Or, did they go to see Tammi True?

What’s our final conclusion on the Babushka Lady? She is a fiction, a fantasy, on Elm Street portraying a woman filming the Kennedy Assassination on Elm Street. She didn’t film there. She did film on the corner of Main Street and Houston.

The Lady in Blue is also a fantasy on Elm Street. The Lady in Blue filmed the assassination also on Main Street and not on Elm. The Hughes and Muchmore films show them there.

They didn’t have time to make it to Elm Street. They were cut off from crossing the street by policemen stationed there to see that the flow of the presidential motorcade was uninterrupted.

What happened to their film? Who were they?

The real mystery is BB Lady’s replacement of the Lady in Blue. Would the identity of the Lady in Blue be easier to discover than the BB Lady? The BB Lady’s replacement of the Lady in Blue from the Zapruder film is a bizarre scenario of the cover up planners and their photo editors. It can only mean they caught the mistake of the Lady in Blue in the Zapruder film and this was their solution to repair it.

As always, when you strip away the overlaying imagery from a puzzle piece you can expect to be attacked for it by those who are threatened by the truth or have another agenda.