The Babushka Lady Fact or Fiction? Part III

The Babushka Lady Fact or Fiction? Part III

Is the Babushka Lady Fact or Fiction?  She is a mystery then and a mystery today.  With her replacement of the Lady in Blue, she has become a greater mystery.

La di da di di… La di da di da… And, the beat goes on….

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“The Babushka Lady is an unknown woman present during the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy who might have photographed the events that occurred in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza at the time President John F. Kennedy was shot. Her nickname arose from the headscarf she wore, which was similar to scarves worn by elderly Russian women (бабушка – babushka – literally means “grandmother” or “old woman” in Russian).

The Babushka Lady was seen to be holding a camera by eyewitnesses and was also seen in film accounts of the assassination.[1][2] She was observed standing on the grass between Elm and Main streets and is visible in the Zapruder film as well as in the film of Orville Nix,[3] Marie Muchmore, and Mark Bell[4] (44 seconds and 47 seconds into the Bell film: even though the shooting had already taken place and most of her surrounding witnesses took cover, she can be seen still standing with the camera at her face). After the shooting, she crossed Elm Street and joined the crowd that went up the grassy knoll. She is last seen in photographs walking east on Elm Street. Neither she, nor the film she may have taken, has yet been positively identified; no known photograph with her in frame captured her face because in all cases she was either facing away from the camera, or (as in the case of the Zapruder film) had her face obscured by her own camera.”

The BB Lady does not appear in the Zapruder film. In her place is the Lady in Blue discussed in Part II. This is disinformation published in Wikipedia.  Maybe someone ought to come forward and post a frame from the Zapruder film in Wikipedia showing the BB Lady.

Part II of this discussion refutes what is said here in Wikipedia with photographic evidence and not simply saying it is so.  Part II exposes the deception of the BB Lady and the Lady in Blue’s appearance on Elm Street during the assassination.  They were not there.  The two actually filmed the assassination.  But, that occurred at the NE corner of Main and Houston Street as the presidential limousine passed there.

Beverly Oliver was 17 years old that day in Dealey Plaza. She said she was a natural blond. Since, blonds are preferred in her line of business at that time, there is no reason to believe she died her hair darker.

Beverly Oliver’s claim to be the BB Lady is mostly refuted through the argument of the type of camera she used. The Super 8 film Yashica camera is an anachronistic camera. Once she identified what the camera was it would be difficult to go back an offer a counter claim. As far as her claim to have worn a cream colored babushka, it can be refuted but, not easily.

In Part II of this discussion we have accounted for what may be 9 or so BB Ladies seen in different films, photos, and places. There maybe as many as 13 BB Ladies in various places and times.  The number is not that important.  Here is the 3 BB Lady Photo again.

There is a woman with a cream or light colored scarf and a leather purse with a dark leather purse. Could this be Beverly Oliver? Since, we cannot see her face we cannot prove anything either way. This argument is complicated by Beverly Oliver’s claim that she was this woman in the middle and not the one shown above with the light scarf. She mentions a straw bag with her accessories in it. This woman has dark hair not hair that is light blond.

It is hard to accept Beverly Oliver’s claim to be this woman. Beverly Oliver was 17 not middle aged. The camera this woman is holding is a Sears Tower box camera or similar. When Beverly Oliver made the claim to be this woman she lost me. She makes a better model for the Lady in Blue.
The woman with the best claim to be the woman shown above is the woman with sunglasses standing in front of the Criminal Courts Building on Main Street with Jim Featherstone standing nearby.

Here is a Wilma Bond photo. See if you can find the BB Lady in it. If you think the BB Lady is near the white automobile on Elm Street you will see by closer examination that it is a black man. This is an interesting photo with several things missing and several things there that are not supposed to be there.

• Mistakes are made in photo editing. The BB Lady is missing.
• There are no railroad men on the Underpass
• Officer Foster is just off the underpass keeping the railway workers off the Underpass and he is not in the position given in his testimony
• If you look close you can see the blue/grey passenger train in the background and of course the freight section disguised as billboards
• From the location of this photographer you should not be able to see the banister on the other side of the Underpass. You should not be able to see the billboards. The Triple Underpass has 7 train tracks there with space between tracks and is well over 100 feet wide, closer to 120 feet wide.



This is a more realistic portrayal of the Triple Underpass as seen from Dealey Plaza.

As you can see there is no banister on the west side visible. There are no highway signs or billboards visible. The Triple Underpass has 7 railroad tracks with space in between giving an approximate distance of 120 feet across. The only thing you would be able to see on the Triple Underpass is a train passing through.

Here’s an example:


A train in Dealey Plaza on the Triple Underpass.

What can we conclude from this discussion of the Babushka Lady?

• There is a real mystery involving the Lady in Blue and the Babushka Lady. Why was the FBI and other agencies not able to identify who these women were.
• Why were the identities of these women protected? Who would be exposed as connected to these women?
• This analysis of the BB Lady is just one example of many that leads one to question everything portrayed as happening on Elm Street during the assassination.
• What we think about the events on Elm Street is demonstrated to not be true as far as the BB Lady and the Lady in Blue are concerned.
• This gives one real, visual evidence to begin questioning the events portrayed in the Zapruder film and other films that backup the film by portraying similar events in Dealey Plaza.