Jackie Kennedy- It is what she said Part II

Jackie Kennedy- It is what she said Part II

From a Jackie Kennedy Interview:


JFK Murder Jackie Kennedy Reveals All

Rich Torne Published May 10, 2017

Jackie says:

“They were gunning the motorcycles, there were these little backfires; there was one noise like that; I thought it was a backfire. Then next I saw Connally grabbing his arms and saying “No No No,” with his fist beating—Then Jack turned and turned—

All I remember was a blue grey building up ahead; then turned back, so neatly; his last expression was so neat; he had his hand out….”

The reference for this is 11/29/63 The Making of the President 1960

People have a tendency to ignore or disbelieve what they don’t understand or what doesn’t make sense to them. Jackie Kennedy said something strange decades ago and it just kind of went over people’s heads.

The problem with this statement by Mrs. Kennedy is there is no blue-grey building down by “X marks the spot” in front of the Grassy Knoll. Nowhere in the Zapruder film will you find a blue-grey building on Elm Street. Everyone believes President Kennedy was shot in front of the Grassy Knoll because of the all-pervasive influence of the Zapruder film and other media.

Let me repeat that. There is no blue-grey building on Elm Street that can be seen driving toward the Triple Underpass. What was she talking about?
In fact, there is no blue-grey building on Elm Street or Houston Street in Dealey Plaza. The Old Court House on Main and Houston has a first floor that is grey. But, the overall impression is one of a red, brick building. You really don’t notice that the first floor is grey when you look at the building. OK, maybe some do notice. I looked at the building for ages and never connected the first floor was grey until someone pointed it out. It was simply a red brick building.

There was a blue-grey building on Main Street just south of the Old Court House on the corner of Main Street and South Record Street. This was the only blue-grey building in the area. This blue-grey building is no longer there. The area is now a park, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza. It vanished shortly after the assassination. The building was gone by at least 1966.

This is what the area looks like today. The design is a cenotaph. It represents the freedom of the President’s spirit. It was designed by a Kennedy family friend, Philip Johnson. It was approved by Jackie Kennedy. The citizens of Dallas totally funded its construction.

Here is what we have instead of a blue-grey building. It is a little strange for a memorial. It is somewhat weird. Here is something weirder. Are they saying with this monument, “Here is where President Kennedy was put into a box. Here, his spirit was fenced in, trapped.” Someone said it was insulting Leggo construction?

Jackie Kennedy’s information can be interpreted as the shooting of Jack Kennedy happened just after she noticed a blue grey building ahead. The phrase “last expression” means he was shot and killed there on Main Street just before reaching the area of the Old Court House.

With all of the other assassination evidence saying otherwise, it is reasonable for people to ignore and not be convinced that what she said had any meaning. This notion that President Kennedy was shot on Main Street struck people as bizarre and was ignored. I’m sure this disbelief caused Mrs. Kennedy to move toward what is seen in the Zapruder film. In her WC testimony Rankin leads her and she reluctantly goes where he leads.

Contrary to that, I’m not so certain what she said should be ignored. Keep this article in mind in the future as we explore the events of the presidential motorcade coming down Main Street, turning onto Houston Street, and then heading down Elm Street in other media.

The next photo shows where shooting to the area of the blue-grey building may have occurred. If shooting from the front happened then it could only have come from the Triple Underpass. Perhaps, shooting came from the passenger section of the non-existent Ghost Train of Dealey Plaza? The next photo shows the presidential limousine moving west of Market Street moving into the area of shooting where Jackie Kennedy noticed the blue-grey building.

Can Jackie Kennedy be believed in this interview or can she be dismissed as having confused memories of a very, traumatic event? Did shooting really occur at this location of this presidential limousine? The blue-grey building is pictured to the right.

Here is a scene from the AMIPA film taken at the Northwest corner of Market Street and Main Street by Bob Yeargan.

In this scene President Kennedy has been shot in the back throwing him off the back seat violently forcing air from his lungs resulting in the pained, squint-eyed, puffed cheeks expression seen here. His hands are clawing at the air. The autopsy photo shows President Kennedy shot many times in the back. I don’t think he swallowed a bug in this photo.

Mrs. Kennedy is smiling and waving at the crowd. Governor Connally is smiling and waving at the crowd. He has not been shot at this point. This frame totally debunks the Magic Bullet Theory. No one notices that President Kennedy is undergoing stress and pain. No one hears a shot. When Governor Connally starts yelling “Oh no, no no” then Mrs. Kennedy notices something is wrong.

The following montage indicates this frame was not the only one showing this expression in the AMIPA film.

Once again, the Lone Gunman Theory is debunked. The thing to note here is no one is initially hearing shooting. Gov. Connally is as happy as he can be. This indicates shooting is coming from outside this area.

This photo is from an article in the Dallas Morning News described as a rarely seen photo. This appeared on August 21, 1978. In the background to the right is the blue-grey building mentioned by Jackie Kennedy in her remembered statements about the assassination of her husband. Only is this photo the building is colored a white-tan.

This photo is the same as Willis 1. Willis 1 is the same photo as The Dallas Morning News “rare” photo from 1978. How’s that? Why’s that? Was this photo used for one of the photos said to be taken by Phil Willis? After 15 years was it forgotten what it was used for? This montage has both Willis 1 and the Dallas Morning News photo. You decide which is which?

It is the same photo. The one on the right is enlarged and cropped and, the color is somewhat different.

In this frame, we see President Kennedy clutching at his throat with both hands. Is this the same scene as seen in Altgens 6 and Zapruder frames 232 to pass Z frame 255? Is this the source for Altgens 6, a fake composite photo? Did Altgens or his alter ego Bothun take this photo? So, who was the photographer? Was it Altgens, Bothun, or Willis?

All of the Altgens / Bothun photos ended up at the Daily Morning News. Did the people at the Dallas Morning News forget the source of this photo and what it was used for and what it was all all about? Or, is this an in your face statement?

This route map of the presidential motorcade shows Main Street as the main route into Dealey Plaza. Why Main Street when Elm Street was a much better route for getting to the Stemmons Freeway? 15 Secret Service policies were violated using this route according to James Fetzer.

As explained in discussion article The Best Place to Shoot to in Dealey Plaza, Elm Street was ignored as a route in order to have the two best ambush sites on the route. These ambush sites are the intersection of Main and Houston and the intersection of Elm and Houston. Shooting pass the intersection would be starting the ambush.

Jackie Kennedy in her WC testimony stated that she became aware of the assassination shooting when Governor Connally started yelling “Oh, no, no, no”. Part I shows frames from the AMIPA that as President Kennedy’s hand is approaching his head Governor Connally is smiling and waving to the crowd.

In earlier frames President Kennedy is reacting to being shot and no one notices. Mrs. Kennedy misses this altogether. In the AMIPA frames in Part I, Governor Connally is not reacting to being shot when Mrs. Kennedy testifies about her husband’s hand being raised to his head. She said she could see bone but no blood or brains splattered about. Connally is still smiling and waving to the crowd unaware of anything going on in the vehicle.

Compare what is described here to the Zapruder version of the assassination and you have two widely different descriptions of what happened. So, when did Governor Connally get shot? According to the AMIPA film this occurred sometime after the events described in the AMIPA film.

This is a frame from the Marie Muchmore film that might shed light on the prior question. It is an answer totally different from the official story.

Can you see John Connally with mouth agape screaming as Jackie Kennedy described. The photo editors were not able to cover up everything with the introduction of characters like Phil Willis, The See Through Man, or gaps in the film, blurred images, painted over images, and other photo editor tricks. In the Robert Hughes film a man’s shoulder blocks the view of the presidential limousine in the same location as Phil Willis blocking the view.

Things are missed and not changed or they are left in intentionally. If so, then I would think this is a CYA situation in which the editors could say I was forced to do this but, I tried to get the truth out.

This might be a reasonable speculation on why so many odd things are available in the filmed record of Dealey Plaza that day of the assassination. In the discussion of the Babushka Lady there is a frame in Muchmore that shows the Lady in Blue with the lower half of the BB Lady’s raincoat covering her lower body. The top half shows her blue dress. Why would you not finish that and completely convert the Lady in Blue into the BB Lady that was eventually done in other frames? I don’t have an answer other than the above speculation.

In closing, compare the Dallas Morning News photo, the Marie Muchmore frame, and this frame from Zapruder. You will see two versions of how President Kennedy and Governor Connally were shot.

It is my belief that images from Main Street and the intersection of Main and Houston were placed into the presidential limousine on Elm Street to give you the Zapruder frames similar to Z frame 244. Some may have come from the intersection of Elm and Houston. The shooting has to happen on Elm Street close to the Grassy Knoll in order for Lee Harvey Oswald to be the lone assassin who shot President Kennedy from the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest.

Later, Z frame 157 will be analyzed in order to demonstrate some of the tricks of the Zapruder film.

If images from one film and one place are placed into another location and another film then this could explain how the Zapruder film was altered to show a different content and story. We could have imagery in this Zapruder frame being replaced with imagery from the presidential limousine just as it approached the turn onto Houston Street. It is just at this time in the Marie Muchmore film that Phil Willis walks into the street to become The See Through Man. In the Robert Hughes film the view of this scene is blocked by a man’s shoulder. After that, the film goes bad with black lines and blurred images.

All that is necessary to alter and replace here is the imagery of the occupants of the presidential limousine. Then as John Costella says everything else can be true and in tune with a film that is 95 % or better accurate technically. Is this possible? It is not beyond the photo editing skills of the day.

The Zapruder film provides visual evidence of the assassination as defined in the Lone Gunman Theory for the official government version. If nothing else, this discussion raises reasonable doubt about the authenticity of the Zapruder film in just one more example of its fraudulent nature.