The Ghost Train of Dealey Plaza- Part I

The Ghost Train of Dealey Plaza- Part I

The Ghost Train of Dealey Plaza- Part I–  Evidence from films and photos

Consider the following frames from the Mark Bell film:



Here, we clearly see the ghost train.  To establish the time notice that the Secret Service vehicle is just going out of sight.



This is roughly the same time and location as Altgens 7 but, different in imagery. The Jesse Curry lead vehicle is visible. There is a freight train disguised as signs or parts of it and the passenger section is easier to recognize. No one is on the bridge. This is somewhat difficult to see the content. However, as we go along things will get clearer.

In this Bell scene you can at least see 3 motorcycle policemen. Shouldn’t there be 5? Are these the 3 lead motorcycles see in the beginning of Zapruder at the very beginning of the motorcade or is this 3 of the 5 motorcycles preceding the presidential limousine?

The Bell film was cleaned up in just a few frames later. Compare the following frame to the one above:



• Chief Curry’s car is clearly visible as the presidential vehicle passes by.
• There are people on the underpass.
• There is a passenger train visible. The freight section is disquised as billboards.
• The shadows of 3 motor cops, not 5, are just seen.
• Remember, the Triple Underpass is well over 100 feet in width to the west bannister. There are no highway signs this close above Elm Street pictured here. Check the McIntyre photo.



Next, is a Wilma Bond photo. You can see no one above Elm St. and a train in the background. If you look real close you can see a guy with a white hat. It is more than likely Officer Foster. Next to him you can see a man in white. They are standing on the railroad bridge above grassy area off of Elm St. and there is a train. If you take that for a sign then it is in the wrong place.



Oh, by the way, Jean Hill should be up on the hill or running up the hill in the Bond photo. Nix shows Jean Hill running up the hill with the Babushka Lady. It’s a shame the BB Lady is not in the Bond photo. Where could she have disappeared to? Where is Charles Brehm and son? If you think the person by the car is the BB Lady it isn’t. It’s a black man.

Next is the McIntyre Photo:



This is a nice clear photo, a rarity in the assassination records, which shows no one on the railroad bridge except Officer J. C. White who appears to be above the south curb of Main St. It’s not where he said he was. He said he was approximately by the north curb of Main St. This difference in location may suggest the top part of the photo was taken earlier when no train was there.

I don’t understand the number and placement of the motorcycle policemen in this photo. There should have been 5 motorbikes in front of the presidential limo. This is evident on Main St. with Patsy Paschall and Marie Muchmore. And, there were 4 motorbikes assigned to ride with the President. Here, we see 2 riding far back. Maybe they were afraid of being shot. Taking into consideration Marion Baker, discipline in the motorcycle squads must have been pretty shabby for policemen to leave their assigned duty whenever they chose.

There is a big unavoidable problem with this photo. That is the missing “long, slow freight train” we seen in so many JFK assassination photos and frames of films of the Triple Underpass and testified to by two and later 3 Dallas police officers. This photo is used to prove there was not a train in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination

One has to think long and hard about any of the visual evidence concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. It has all passed through the photo editors hands. This also relates to what was heard by the 11 witnesses and the occupants of Chief Curry’s vehicle. Could you hear anything if a train was passing by and your were that close to it?

Next, this appears to be a photo, I don’t know the source, which appears to be taken from the Terminal Annex Building/Post Office Building. Or, is this from the Paschall film?



In this photo no one is on the rail road bridge above Elm St. To the north of the Elm St. curb is figure that can be identified as Officer Foster with his white hat and dark uniform standing on the railroad bridge. He is quite a bit of distance from where he said he was in this WC testimony. There is no one with him. The west side of the Triple Underpass is greatly distorted.

The John Martin film is an interesting film in many ways and helps clarify the notion of the Ghost Train. Why certain things were not edited out of the film I don’t know. John Martin provides a good view of the Triple Underpass just after the assassination. You can clearly see there is no one on the railroad bridge and there is a passenger train there.



Next, is an earlier frame from Martin.

This frame features the Railroad Man as seen in Elsie Dorman and the Zapruder film. There is a passenger train on the Triple Underpass.


Next, is a frame from Robert Hughes.

The Hughes frame features the 2 main points of this discussion. There is a train and no one on the railroad bridge.



Another Hughes frame shows the train in the Railroad Yard later.



And, we see in this Allen photo the train is a passenger / freight train.


And now a final commentary:

Who Murdered JFK and Why   Len Hart

Monday, February 21, 2011

“Rosemary Willis asked me to look at her father’s slides. We put them on a light table and examined them with a photographer’s loupe. One of the slides was of particular interest. It was a stunning photograph of JFK in the Limousine looking slightly to the northwest; the Pergola atop the grassy knoll was the background.

“Do you see anything unusual in the photo?” Rosemary asked me.

When I admitted that I had not, she produced an “old” copy of Look Magazine, opened to the bookmarked center spread photo. I was immediately struck by the presence of a train clearly visible between the upright columns of the Pergola.

Rosemary asked me to look again at the slide. Incredibly, the train –visible in the Look ‘spread’ –was NOT visible in the slides! At this point I was speechless. But for the train, the photos were identical! Why was a train missing in the slide but present in the Magazine spread which was, in fact, a reproduction of that very slide?

Rosemary continued: the FBI, she said, seized her father’s photos only after Look Magazine had published them. The FBI kept the pictures for years. When the original slides were at last returned, the train was missing.

Clearly –the train had been removed from the slides while the slides were in the possession of the FBI. Just as clearly –the FBI did not want you to know that a train had been on the very tracks where, earlier, Watergate figures E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis had been arrested and were henceforth referred to as the tramps who whore Gucci loafers. Both figures are notable for their involvement in Watergate and the abortive Bay of Pigs fiasco. Revenge for ‘Bay of Pigs’ is often cited among the top three or four motives for the murder of JFK. [ For other motives, see: Three Reasons JFK was Murdered ]”

**In answer to Len’s question the “ghost train” was an integral part of the assassination. It provided a shooting platform to shoot east on Main Street and east on Elm Street to the intersections, the perfect ambush spots.

Part II has more evidence to back up the existence of the Ghost Train.

Well, all that said. You decide for yourself. Many believe Americans have lost the ability to analyze complex subjects and arrive at an answer for themselves. They prefer neat packaged answers whether true or not. Think about that and make a decision for yourself and don’t allow others to change it.