Mary Moorman- Who Shot Mary’s Polaroid? Part I

Mary Moorman- Who Shot Mary’s Polaroid? Part I

Here is Mary’s Polaroid which is of interest to everyone concerned with the JFK assassination. It has been said to be the single most important photo of the assassination. It is one of a set of 5 Polaroids taken that day. I believe No. 4 did not survive.



Many claim that Mary Moorman did not take this photo for a variety of reasons. These folks have proposed the Babushka Lady or Marie Muchmore as the photographer amongst others.

Every millimeter of this photo has been gone over with the highest magnification possible. Every element has been scrutinized. It was judged in its time as an authentic record of the assassination taken just an instant before the fatal head shot. It became one of the first visual records available to the public to form an impression of the assassination. Altgens photos, the Zapruder film, and Mary’s Polaroid were the first visual records of the assassination. Mary’s Polaroid was in the news by the following day.

They, along with other evidence from the Dallas Police Department, convinced the public that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone, demented shooter of President Kennedy. In the aftermath of the assassination, evidence presented by the government was readily believed by the public.

When the Backyard Photos were added in, Lee Harvey Oswald was condemned as the killer of President Kennedy by nearly everyone and made the Warren Commission conclusions easily acceptable. It was only later that doubt begin to creep into the mix.

Substantial doubt concerning Mary’s Polaroid started to grow over time. Is it a fake or composite? Did Mary take it or did someone else? These were the kinds of questions being asked and others providing answers for those questions.

There are elements in the Polaroid that suggest it has been altered. The one that bothers me the most is President Kennedy’s black patch first described in the book Crossfire pp. 512-513. The “black patch” is the shaded area at the back of President Kennedy’s head. It appears that paint has been used to darken that area. If you compare the same area on the heads of Nellie Connally, John Connally, and Jackie Kennedy you do not see the corresponding dark, shaded area in the same sunlight for the same areas of the head.

What I believe is that President Kennedy was already shot in the head when Mary’s Polaroid was allegedly taken in front of the Pergola.  This event happened in the intersection of Elm and Houston Streets in front of the SW corner of the TSBD.   And, anything depicting the shooting of the President at the Grassy Knoll is a fraud and fantasy. That is a bold statement to make when we see the actual shooting being depicted there in the Nix film, the Muchmore film, and the Zapruder film. We see pretty much the same thing in these films of the assassination and they back up the events of the Moorman Polaroid.

Or, do they portray the same things?

Before, we start talking about that let’s list a few things that are perceived by others to be wrong with the Moorman Polaroid. Starting from the right:

• To the right of the photo, Bill Newman doesn’t have a left arm. It has disappeared. Or, someone was standing in front of it across the street when the photo was taken. That someone was erased and if you look real close you can still see part of him. The erased figure is Charles Brehm. Or, is it the BB Lady as seen in other films. Either situation is not good.
• Officer Martins’ (some say Hargis) windshield has been repainted in a crude, sloppy manner. The windshield needed repainting due to being cut off at the level of the vehicle on the passenger side. Supposedly, there are 3 Polaroid painted versions of this windshield. Remember this notion of the motorcycle windshield being cut off. It will help explain who really took the Polaroid. This could be evidence that the background of the photo has been replaced.
• There was a bold obscuring fingerprint over Officer Martin’s windshield that is removed in this photo. I suspect the fingerprint was placed on the photo to cover the poor art work on the Officer’s windshield.
• Officer Chaney on the President’s side appears to be riding a Star Wars jet scooter. His motorcycle doesn’t seem to connect to its back part. Viewing the back part of the motorcycle is blocked by the erased figure which should be Charles Brehm or the BB Lady. It has been suggested that Officer Chaney was riding further forward and has been cut out of the photo. If so this would then be Officer Jackson.
• In Nix and Willis 5 there are two men on the steps. Muchmore and Moorman have 3 men on the steps. Who’s right?

These are enough to point out the photo has been edited. It has been subject to cutting and pasting, retouching through painting, obscuration of features by blemish, and erasure of chararacters in the photo. The foreground and the background may be from two photos of different areas because of the cutting and pasting of the presidential limo. The photo is an altered fake.

So, at this time is there any point in trying to identify who took Mary’s Polaroid? The answer is of course, yes! Just pointing out that Mary’s photo is a fake does not get a closer look at the true reality of the grand deception on Elm Street.

It has been suggested that the Babushka Lady or, her alternate ego the Lady in Blue, were responsible. Let’s eliminate them right off as the author of Mary’s Polaroid. Simply, they were not on Elm Street to take the photo at the time of the assassination. Their presence there is the work of the photo editors and wholly illusionary. They were on the NE corner of Main and Houston Street in front of the Criminal Courts Building. Here are frames from the Robert Hughes film showing this:



In the frame on the right the Lady is Blue is disguised with a green raincoat and babushka. She is in her normal attire in the later frame on the left.
The two ladies did not make it in time to photograph the assassination on Elm Street. Policeman, there were about 4, on the NE corner of Main and Houston and in the intersection did not allow people to cross the street until the motorcade had passed through. In this Nix frame we see the Lady in Blue crossing the grassy area between Main and Elm Streets after the assassination had occurred and the presidential limousine had moved out of the area.



This frame helps answer the question of whether the Lady in Blue has on a dress or coat. Here, we see both. Is this one step closer to Tammi True? In Zapruder she has bare arms pained to throw off her recognition.

Nix has similar frames showing the Babushka Lady crossing the grass at the same time as the Lady in Blue. You cannot see the Lady in Blue in this frame. She is seen in the film in the prior frame and in earlier frames shown above.

From the Nix film, the Babushka Lady crossing the grass on the way to Elm Street after the presidential vehicle has left the area:



This should eliminate the two women as candidates who took the Moorman Polaroid. This still does not give us the person who snapped Mary’s Polaroid. To do so we will have to move on to considering the irrational and tainted evidence available.

If this doesn’t convince the Lone Gunners in the crowd then we have to continue using what I considered tainted and altered evidence. This is the Nix film, the Muchmore film, Moorman’s Polaroid, and the Zapruder film. We will do this in Part II.

This is an update of a less well thought out discussion on the Ed Forum JFK assassination debate.  “Where was Jean Hill and Mary Moorman when the assassination happened?”