Mary Moorman- Who Shot Mary’s Polaroid? Part II

Mary Moorman- Who Shot Mary’s Polaroid? Part II

The actions of the Babushka Lady and the Lady in Blue have already been established in earlier discussions. Their identities still remain unknown. Can we make a hypothetical case based on the suspect evidence available that one or, both took Mary’s Polaroid? Here is the Lady in Blue standing behind Charles Brehm in Z frame 288 taking a photo of the President just prior to the head shot.

Here is the BB Lady in the Charles Bronson film. Notice that she is east of the Brehms as the Lady in Blue is in Zapruder. She will not have time to move west of the Brehms.

The key to understanding this is Charles Brehm. He is standing in front of both the BB Lady and the Lady in Blue in the frames presented.

Next is more familiar. Here is the Babushka Lady in Marie Muchmore. She is not in the Zapruder film except in Mannequin Row. She is not seen standing near Charles Brehm in that film. The Lady in Blue is also there in Mannequin Row. Doesn’t that blow your mind? Anyway, from Marie Muchmore:

Notice she is not exactly in the same place as the Lady in Blue next to Charles Brehm in Zapruder. She is located west of Charles Brehm contrary to Bronson and Zapruder. This is probably a script error. Orville Nix does not have a frame showing the BB Lady filming the presidential vehicle in this spot nor does the Zapruder film.

Here we have 2 films showing the BB Lady filming the assassination and we have 1 film where the Lady in Blue is filming the assassination. Who is right? There’s some concern over where each was standing in the various films. Should we hold that against them? This is the evidence I can find showing the ladies in question actually filming the assassination.

In reality neither did. Nor, can we choose one over the other. They were not on Elm Street as the presidential limousine passed in front of the Monument / Pergola area.

The Muchmore frame above is very similar to the angle of Mary’s Polaroid and is often used to indicate that Marie Muchmore or the BB Lady took Mary’s photo. Mary is also in the wrong position to take her photo. This is basically what the notion is. Mary is out of position and the BB Lady or Muchmore is in position to take Mary’s photo.

But, if you look closely the limousine’s passenger side motorcycles are not present in the frame. Bill Newman and family are not present. The 3 men on the steps are clearly visible in Marie Muchmore but, there are only 2 in Orville Nix. Who is correct? There are too many profound discrepancies in these frames to use them in any way to say who took Mary’s Polaroid.

Consider the information provided in this Muchmore frame and we will eliminate one more person as the author of Mary’s Polaroid. It is none other than Mary herself.

Notice two things. The BB Lady is on the right and the red arrow is at center. These two things point out that the BB Lady is taking a photo at the moment of the head shot. You cannot see the head shot plume of blood and brains in Moorman as you can see here and in Zapruder. At least a partial blood plume is visible here. It is if it has been erased and probably was.

This further eliminates the BB Lady for the photo and it does the same for Mary. Mary’s Polaroid does not have this plume and she is also out of place or angle to take the shot before the emergence of the blood plume. Officers Chaney and Jackson are not in the photo. At least one of them is in Mary Moorman’s photo.

All of these portrayed scenes are only true if you believe these scenes from the various media are true and correct representations of reality. The four films Zapruder, Muchmore, Nix, and Bronson do not inspire trust in making a decision about Moorman. You can generally pick apart and expose most as altered and fake.

Take the scene above. How big is the Motorcycle Officer Hargis’ bike? Is it a dwarf bike or a full size bike? Granted Jean Hill is not standing on the pavement but, that motorcycle comes barely above her knee in height. Officer Martin’s bike is closer to the right size. The transposition and insertion of images has a size error here. You see this often in scenes in the assassination media. Jean Hill and Mary Moorman’s figures appear to be paper dollish, if one can use that expression, in the sense they are cut out figures. Mary has a round black cue ball head. Is that natural?

The left front tire of the presidential limousine is turning right in this frame. We see this often in Nix and Muchmore as the limousine proceeds down Elm Street. This right turning wheel could mean that the limo image was lifted from some film (perhaps Muchmore) when the vehicle was turning right at the intersection of Main and Houston.

All this being said we are still no closer to finding out who took Mary’s Polaroid. We will continue in Part III by looking at where Mary was standing.