What The Witnesses Said About The JFK Assassination In Front of The TSBD

What The Witnesses Said About The JFK Assassination In Front of The TSBD

What The Witnesses Said About The JFK Assassination In Front of The TSBD–  This is based on testimony from 50 witnesses that were the closest to the “Sniper’s Nest” where JFK assassination was alleged to have occurred.

When one studies the shooting in Dealey Plaza, there are generally three questions that are asked of witnesses. These are:

• Where did the shots come from?
• How many shots were there?
• And, what was their sequence?

These are legitimate questions. But, they are not the right questions to ask if you really want to know what happened in Dealey Plaza. They are subject to disinformation and controversy. Take the first question “Where did the shots come from?”

If you were standing in front of the TSBD or in the intersection of Houston and Elm would you be able to tell if a shot came from the Grassy Knoll, the Railroad Yards, or the Triple Underpass. You would probably be able to indicate direction with certainty.

By the same standards if you were standing by the Grassy Knoll could you tell if a shot came from the TSBD, the Dal-Tex or the Court Records Building or from further to the east on Elm Street? The answer would be the same.

Would you be able to hear shots that came from out of Dealey Plaza? Could you hear shots from further east on Elm Street or north on Houston Street? Or, shots that came from further south on Houston Street? Or, shots that came from the southern Grassy Knoll. Could you hear shots from the Triple Underpass? Shots that were sound suppressed?

What is the best question to ask in order to really understand what happened in Dealey Plaza? What question is best for “ear witnesses”?

Where Was The President When Shots Occurred?

The following summarizes what 50 witnesses said. In almost all cases, it relies on what they first reported to the authorities and not later amended statements. There is a list of the witnesses and briefly, what they said relevant to shooting in the intersection and in front of the TSBD at the end of the article. The supporting documentation for these statements is in Part II. It is a long and tedious discussion reviewing what the witnesses actually said. It is a Word Document 57 pages in length. I will only publish it if someone makes a comment that they want to see it.

Here, it is being summarized and categorized as to what the witnesses said concerning where the President was when they heard shooting.

• One witness, Bonnie Ray Williams, locates the President at the intersection of Main and Houston Streets turning onto Houston St, when he heard two shots. He later changed this to the limo turning onto Elm from Houston. And, then changes that. This is placed here to indicate what you encounter in witness statements.
• 25 or, half of the 50 witnesses, 50% representing a majority of witnesses in various catergories, who were surveyed made statements that located the President turning into the intersection of Elm Street and Houston Street, or in front of the TSBD when shots were heard. In later testimony, some changed their testimony or had their testimony changed to indicate the President had passed by their location thus indicating he was further down the street towards the Grassy Knoll.
• 8 witnesses, about 16%, located the President at or near the Grassy Knoll.
• 10 witnesses, about 22%, did not give enough information to indicate where the President was located when shots were heard.
• 1 witness located the assassination near the Triple Underpass.
• 5 witnesses, about 10%, didn’t know where the president was when they heard shots.

If you read all of the statements of the 25 witnesses who located the assassination in the intersection of Elm Street and Houston Street or in front of the TSBD then you will see this number is diminished by evolving testimony which was brought about mainly by the FBI. The FBI manipulated testimony by direct alteration or witness intimidation.

Based on this evidence you cannot really say where the assassination took place in Dealey Plaza at a trial. All you can say is about half said the same thing. The government’s intention here was for you to rely upon the visual record which in the beginning consisted of Mary Moorman’s Polaroid, Altgens photos, and in the following week Life Magazine’s photo display from the Zapruder film. This would be affirmed by selected witness testimony or altered testimony.

Where The Shots Came From

• 9 witnesses, 18%, said they did not know where the shots came from.
• 12 witnesses, 24%, didn’t say where the shots came from.
• 1 witness, 2%, said they came from up in the air and didn’t know for sure.
If you combine the first 3 bullet points you come up with 22 witnesses or 44% didn’t know where the shots came from or didn’t say. This would be the largest category.
• 3 witnesses, 6%, said the shots came from the Triple Underpass.
• 6 witnesses, 12%, said the shots came from the 6th floor of the TSBD.
• 7 witnesses, 14%, said the shots came from the TSBD.
If you combine the last two bullet points on the TSBD then you would have 13 witnesses, 26%, who said shots came from the TSBD.
• 1 witness, Junior Jarmen on the 5th floor, said he heard shots from low and to the left.
• 1 witness, Billy Lovelady, heard shots from across the street.
• 1 witness heard shots from the Court House.
• 1 witness heard shots from the Court Records building.
• When you combine the last 4 bullet points of 4 witnesses hearing shots from near or on Houston Street you have 8%.
• 1 witness heard shooting in front of the TSBD and thought is was a party celebration.
• 7 witnesses, 14%, said they heard shooting from the Grassy Knoll.

If you look at this list the biggest percentage of the witnesses, 44% or 22 witnesses, said they didn’t know where the shots came from or they didn’t say. Undoubtedly, if you added more witnesses to this list the numbers would change but I don’t think they will change significantly in percentage.

These are not handpicked witnesses. They are the 50 witnesses who were closest to the shooting and ambush of President Kennedy, allegedly from the Sniper’s Nest. The witnesses were in the TSBD, in front of the TSBD, or located near the TSBD on Houston or Elm. People on the SW corner of Elm and Houston were excluded from the witness list. This is due to not being able say with certainty that the people who are featured there were actually there in reality. There are a few exceptions such as Howard Brennan.

The next largest category when you combine two bullet points is shooting from the TSBD. 13 or 26% of the witnesses said shooting came from the TSBD. This is either from the 6th floor or from someplace in the building.

The fourth largest category of witnesses, with 7 witnesses or 14%, are those saying that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll or from the west in that direction. 8% reported shooting from the direction of Houston Street.

How many shots were there and what was their sequence?

People generally say there were 3 to 4 shots going as high as 6 shots. A lot of people say there were 3 shots and their sequence was 1 shot, a pause, and 2 more in rapid succession. The official story is there were 3 shots one after the other with about the same time sequence in between shots.

What does all this mean?

It means there were multiple shooting locations. That’s bad for the single or lone gunman theory. But, actually this is good for the assassins. There is not a single place that can be proven as the location of the shooter or shooters beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

The assassination cover-up planners enacted a multi-layered plan that would eventually keep someone who was charged with the crime of assassination or conspiracy to assassinate from being convicted in a court of law.

The first layer of this plan was framing the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald had to die to keep him from going to trial and the first layer of the plan unraveling. I believe there were multiple attempts on his life before Jack Ruby shot and killed him. The assassins knew that eventually the majority of people would not support the lone gunman theory of the assassination. Most of the evidence against Oswald is fraudulent.

That’s when the second layer of the plan would come into play. This would be the cat fight of conspiracy theories as their authors advocated this or that. They knew this would be fertile ground for propaganda, disinformation, and outright deception.

The third step to this plan was to stick to the story of the Warren Commission however faulty. With the backing of the government, the media, and historians sometime in the future this would be accepted as a true story. This is what children read in modern history books in school today and have read since the time of the assassination.

Who was responsible for the cover-up? This was the people who seized the evidence and changed witness testimonies and evidence. This was the FBI, with help from the Secret Service, and the CIA.

The Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover in a conversation with President Lyndon Johnson said Mr. President the evidence against Oswald is not very, very strong.

If a fly was on the ceiling it may have seen and heard the two winking, grinning, and chuckling. If you can’t convict Lee Harvey Oswald you will not be able to convict anyone else in a court of law, particularly a President or any of his henchmen.

List of Witnesses:

6th Floor

Jack Daugherty
Bonnie Ray Williams- see 5th Floor Witnesses

Witnesses outside the TSBD who saw something on the 6th floor

Carolyn Walther- heard shot after limo turned onto Elm.

Mrs. Pearl Springer- thought she heard a shot as the limo turned the corner onto Elm.

Arnold Rowland- said he was on Houston when the presidential limo began to turn on Elm he heard a noise he thought was a backfire and he heard another about 8 seconds later.

Garland Slack- when the vehicle turned onto Elm heard a loud retort.

James Worrell- at the NE corner of the TSBD when heard shot the vehicle was 50 to 75 feet past him. TSBD is 100 ft. wide.

Robert Edwards- heard 4 shots as vehicle rounded corner of Elm St.

Ronald Fischer- heard 3 shots as vehicle turned the corner of Elm St.

Amos Euins- He said shortly after the car started down the hill he heard what sounded like a backfire.

Harold Brennan- eventually states he heard a shot a short distance from his location on the retaining wall at the SW corner of Elm and Houston. The short distance implies in front of the TSBD, less than 30 yards.

Mrs. Earle Cabell

Robert Jackson

Malcom Couch

Tom Dillard

James Underwood

5th Floor

Harold Norman- 11-26-63 FBI statement Norman said he heard a shot as the vehicle turned onto Elm St.

Bonnie Ray Williams- first said he heard shot when the presidential limo turned onto Houston. Later, he changed that to a turn onto Elm St. and then later changed that.

James “Junior” Jarman- At first, Jarman said much the same as Williams and Norman. He later changed his testimony at the Warren Hearing to hearing shots from low and to the left.

Mary Hollies- the two women are included here due to Mary Hollies’ 2011 statements

Betty Alice Foster- see 4th floor witnesses

Jack Daugherty

The Fourth Floor Witnesses:
They Were:

Elsie Dorman- thought shots came from the Court Records Building on Houston St.

Sandra Styles- In a statement made to the FBI on 3-19-64 she said she heard shots but, did not know where they came from and offered no other relevant information. However, in a video published in October, 2017 she said as the presidential vehicle turned into the intersection she heard 3 shots. Reference: Jobert Jefford Paulson video, Oct. 17, 2017- The Case of the Lady Who Did Not See the Assassin.

Vickie Adams- when the president’s vehicle entered the intersection she heard 3 shots.

Dorothy Garner- When the shots occurred the presidential vehicle was out of sight, obscured by trees. This would be in front of the TSBD.

Mary Hollies- 2-18-64 statement to Detective Potts said she heard 3 shots as the motorcade turned into the intersection.

Betty Alice Foster- She heard something like fireworks after the President’s car turned down Elm St.

Ruth Nelson

Yola Hopson- heard two or more sounds / firecrackers when the presidential limousine was obscured by trees. This would be in front of the TSBD.

3rd Floor Witnesses:
They were:

Steven Wilson

Doris Fay Burns

Sandra Sue Ellerson

Edna Case

The Second Floor Witnesses
They were:

Carol Hughes

Vida Lee Whatley?

Geneva Hine- She saw the lead car turn into from Houston Street onto Elm Street. The next one to turn was the presidential vehicle. She heard shots as the next vehicle, the Secret Service car begin to turn onto Elm.
Geraldine Reid (aka Jeraldean or Geraldean)

Lee Harvey Oswald- or Prayer Man was on Elm St. taking a photo of the President as he passed.  See the John Martin film.

First Floor Witnesses
These were:

Eddie Piper

Troy West

Out Front of the TSBD Witnesses

Betty Jean Thornton- said as the President passed by she heard 3 shots.

William “Bill” Shelley

Billy Lovelady- said the president was 50 yards (150 feet) past the TSBD when he heard shots.

Carolyn Arnold

Danny Arce

Jane Berry- FBI statement of 11-25-63 she was located just west of the TSBD (allegedly in Mannequin Row) when the motorcade came by. Just as the car was passing by her she heard 3 shots.

Judith McCully

Ochus Cambell- 11-24-63 FBI statement he was located 30 feet in front of the building. He was standing there observing the passing motorcade when he heard a loud report which he thought was a firecracker.

Otis Neville Williams

Pauline Sanders (Mrs. Robert E. Sanders)- She said she could not recall the exact time but immediately after the motorcade passed she heard 3 shots

Mrs. R. A. Reid

Virginia Rackley- When President Kennedy’s limousine immediately passed her location she heard 3 shots

Sarah Stanton

Other Witnesses who said they heard shots when the presidential limousine turned into the intersection or in front of the TSBD.

Linda Willis- said in her Warren Commission testimony taken by Wesley J. Liebler on July 22, 1964 that she was standing in front of the TSBD when he motorcade came by. She initially said she heard shots there. Then, later she said she was standing across Elm Street from the Stemmons Freeway sign. There is where she heard shots and saw the head shot. She said she was directly across the street from the Stemmons sign when the first shot hit him.
The problem with her Warren Commission statements is there is no evidence other than her statements that places her there by the Stemmons sign. She directly contradicts these statements in a 1991 interview available on YouTube. She said that she was located further up the Elm Street from where she was standing during the interview. This would put her in front of the TSBD entrance as shown in the Elsie Dorman film. She said she was about 100 feet away from the vehicle when the first shot happened.
Later in this 1991 interview she said the members of the family were in general agreement as to what happened that day. She said they all stood very, very close together and viewed the assassination. There is only evidence for the Willis family standing together at the NW corner of Main and Houston Streets and nowhere else. There may be evidence in the Robert Hughes film that shows the Willis family on Main Street after the assassination is over. They are walking west on the grassy area just off Main Street.
The Willis family is a special problem that will be dealt with in a later discussion.
Tina Towner- in a YouTube video, Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas Stories- LA Times by Brian van der Brug, she said things that indicate shooting occurred as the presidential vehicle turned into the intersection and in front of the TSBD. The article said she stopped filming after the presidential limousine turned into the intersection. If that’s true then who filmed her film?
James L. Simmons- a Union Terminal railroad worker who said he was standing on the Triple Underpass when the assassination occurred. He said he heard shots when the presidential limousine turned into the intersection of Elm and Houston.

S. M. Holland- said much the same as Simmons.

There is evidence that claims the FBI changed the statements of these men concerning what they saw and heard.

Union Terminal Company: 11
1 C F Bishop
2 E W Cowsert
3 G A Davis
4 R C Dodd
5 S M Holland
6 C E Johnson
7 T J Murphy
8 N H Potter
9 F E Reilly
10 J L Simmons
11 L E Bowers

Bill Newman- in a Dallas Sheriff’s Office statement made on 11-22-63 said he was standing just west of the concrete standard (the monument) at the corner of the TSBD when he heard shots as the presidential limousine came toward him.

Linda Willis-  heard shooting in the intersection

Rosemary Willis- heard shooting in the intersection

Toni Glover- in a YouTube video from the JFK Assassination Forum, Rare Interview With JFK Assassination Witness Toni Glover Who Was Ony 11 Years Old In 1963, Toni Glover said as Kennedy rounded the corner (corner of Houston and Elm intersection) his head exploded.

J. W. Foster- The Warren Commission Testimony of J.W. Foster was taken at 1:30 a.m., on April 9, 1964. J. W. Foster was a Dallas Policeman stationed on the Triple Underpass during the assassination. He said in his testimony as the presidential limousine came onto Elm Street he heard a loud noise that sounded like a firecracker.

Earl Brown- was a Dallas Police Officer assigned to duty on the Stemmons railroad overpass over the Stemmons Expressway service road. In his Warren Commission testimony of 4-7-64 he stated the presidential vehicle had made the turn and when the shots were fired, it stopped.

Pierce Allman- said, in the internet video Pierce Allman Eyewitness In My Own Words…, the assassination happened in front of him.  He was located on the SW corner of the Elm and Houston intersection.  He said he was about 10 feet from the presidential limousine when it happened.  If you look at the Elsie Dorman film he is standing next to the disguised Mary Moorman and Jean Hill.  He may have taken Phil Willis’ slides.

I am sure there are more witnesses who have said much the same thing as the first 25 witnesses about shooting in the intersection and in front of the TSBD.

Who would a court of law believe, the Zapruder film or these witnesses?

If you know of anyone who heard or saw shooting in front of the TSBD not on this list make a comment and I will add their name.