Zapruder Frame 319- Weird and Just Plain Irrational Things

Zapruder Frame 319- Weird and Just Plain Irrational Things

It is my opinion you do not have to look at any of the technical or scientific aspects of this film to gauge its authenticity. All you have to do is look at the content with a discerning, skeptical eye. There are plenty of goof-ups, inconsistencies, weird stuff, and just plain irrational things in the film.

Take for instance the frames showing the Kennedy head shot. These are from Z frame 313, some say 312, to about Z frame 340+. People have looked at these frames for 54 years and the falseness of the Zapruder film is finally coming to light after decades of believe in the film’s authenticity. People have reported on the weirdness of this film but, it has had very little if any effect on the understanding of the assassination on Elm Street. People tend to believe or disbelieve according to their biases.

Consider the following frame with notes. The notes explain what is wrong with this frame.


Can you explain this frame any other way then more than ½ of President Kennedy’s head is missing? And, what is the white blob near his ear?

Z frame 319 clearly shows photo alteration. Other evidence clearly shows that ½ of President Kennedy’s head was not removed by a gunshot. It is just one more of too many examples of alteration to list here in the various media, including the Zapruder film, found in Dealey Plaza. And, now we will go to the most important question.

If one frame is altered in a film does that destroy the film’s credibility? Said again, does one fake frame invalidate the whole film? Or, does it take two frames? Or, is it more than two? Can this discredited film or photo then be used to prove some other point or contention?

If the following films and photos are invalidated by fraudulently altered frames then what can we say about the Kennedy assassination happening on Elm Street? These films and photos are, naming the better known, Zapruder, Muchmore, Hughes, Nix, Bronson, Bell, Moorman, Willis, Betzner, Bond, and Altgens.

Can we say that the presidential limousine traveled west on Elm Street and left Dealey Plaza by passing under the Triple Underpass? Is this all we can say? Yes. That is what the assassination cover up planners left us. Nothing. And, even if we can’t say anything and want to say something we have to pay attention to and act as if we believe in the various altered media. And, if we disbelieve the authenticity of a film or photo and, we still use that media to make some point, then what is the relevance of that point? I am Guilty of this. I have done this too many times to make my own points.

What I am saying here is that 54 years of Zapruder film Kennedy assassination research in the Dealey Plaza is blown up and is now useless. We need to consider different models for the Kennedy assassination other than the ones currently used. More and more evidence is coming to light that suggests the Kennedy assassination did not happen at X marks the spot in front of the Grassy Knoll.