Altgens 6 Revisited Part I

Altgens 6 Revisited Part I

There are many disturbing things discussed in this part, Altgens 6 Revisited Part I, that contributes to the Grand Deception on Elm Street

In days and months following the Kennedy assassination various pieces of evidence were brought forward by the authorities to convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who shot and killed President Kennedy. Part of this evidence was photos and films taken on November 22, 1963, the day of the assassination. There are four key pieces of visual evidence that were instrumental in convincing the public that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the lone, crazed assassin of President Kennedy. These are 1) The Backyard Photos (published the following year), 2) Mary Moorman’s Polaroid, 3) The Zapruder film and, 4) Altgens 6.  A different article is at:

This article, Altgens 6 Revisited Part I, is concerned with the photo known as Altgens 6. Altgens 6 went out to the public on CBS News at 6:35 PM EST the day of the assassination. It was one of the first things Americans saw about the assassination. The photo was taken by James Altgens featured below.

Does this man look like a Kennedy assassination co-conspirator? You can form your own opinion as we move along in this discussion article.



James William Altgens, nicknamed Ike, was a photographer for the Associated Press working at the AP offices at the Daily Morning News in Dallas, Texas. Altgens was a journalist, photojournalist and, a photo editor. He eventually became a senior editor.

Ike Altgens and his wife died on Dec. 12, 1995. Although ill, their death was the result of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from a faulty furnace. Their death was seen as questionable during the era of the Assassination Records Review Board. Suspicious death around Kennedy assassination witnesses always brings out the interpretations of wrongful death silencing witnesses.

Altgens behavior on the day of the assassination is problematic. He said he only took 8 photos. On that day he had multiple cameras and a carrying box to hold his photographic materials such as film. A person made a comment on this notion on another website saying that he worked in the newspaper business and he would have fired Altgens if he came back from assignment of that importance with just 8 photos.

Altgens went into the Plaza before 12:00 and had plenty of time to take photos of the crowd and places in the Plaza. The question is did he take more than 8 pictures?

As said earlier, there are many things about Altgens 6 that offends the eye of the viewer. I’ll start with one that bothers me the most and that is the perspective of the Dal-Tex building and its surroundings that are spread across the back of the photo. First off, the appearance of the Dal-Tex suggests that this photo, Altgens 6, is an enlarged and cropped photo. But, that is not what is shown on the Altgens 6 film frame. Was Altgens 6 altered and then reshot as an original?



Here is Altgens 6 in a best picture format suitable for enlarging and viewing things closer. The original is not as closely cropped as this photo:



The Dal-Tex takes up more than half of the picture. This particular version of Altgens 6 photo can be magnified making it possible to see all kinds of interesting things. It is a great photo without the associated pincushion and barrel distortion seen with most telephoto or zoom lens taken pictures. How about that?

Recently, I have run across the You Tube videos of a gentleman named Kenneth Saffold. He has a series of videos entitled The JFK Assassination Do the Math. In Part 6 he offers an explanation of how the Altgens photo was arrived at. Mr. Saffold does a better job of explaining this than I. Although, he said he didn’t try to replicate Altgens what he did come very close to replication. Here is the photo he took using equipment similar to Altgens. I have drawn in lines that show the approximate area of Altgens 6.



Next, he demonstrated how a similar photo was enlarged and then cropped.



Compared to Altgens:


There are some minor differences. He was a few feet closer to the TSBD and the Dal-Tex.

Here is another photo indicating what portion or area of an un-enlarged and un-cropped photo Altgens 6 is. This photo was taken at a slightly different angle. But, that angle is not large enough to negate the point being made on what portion of a larger photo Altgens 6 is. There are relevant notes made on the photo.



Next, are the important questions to ask? Why was the photo enlarged? Why was the photo cropped?

The photo was enlarged to show President Kennedy being shot in the throat. That is the main point of this photo. Saffold also points out in his video you do not have to show the 6th floor of the TBSD and the Sniper’s Nest. There is a 100% chance that nothing was going on there to be shown. If there was it would have been splashed all over the newspapers and TV. By enlarging the photo you also do not show anything going on in the upper floors or roof of the Dal-Tex. There may have been. But, it’s sufficient to enlarge the photo to avoid showing the absence of anything happening in the Sniper’s Nest.

The cropping of the photo to the picture right allows one not to show the SW corner of Elm and Houston Street. In cropping out the SW corner one doesn’t show who was there and who was not there. Mary Moorman and Jean Hill’s shadows are painted into the photo. This was a decision that was made from around 1:00 to about 6:00, perhaps. This tells one there was a script map of character positions that had already been decided prior to this time period. Mary Moorman, Jean Hill, and other characters could have been photographed many times from the front and back before 12:30. The photo went out on the CBS News at 6:35 EST.

Cropping the picture to the picture left avoids showing two highway signs. These are the Stemmons and R L Thornton freeway signs. With the two freeway signs cropped from the photo you can not accurately locate where the presidential limousine was when the photo was taken.



Basically, by cropping out the freeway signs you can relate this Altgens 6 to Z frame 255 and say this is the same scene. Logic says that if Z frame 255 is the same as Altgens 6 then the Stemmons sign and the R L Thornton sign should be visible behind the presidential limousine not off to side cut out of the picture in Altgens 6. This should be about 40 ft for the Stemmons sign and about 60 or 70 feet for the R L Thornton sign.

What we see in the larger area photo is the position of the presidential limousine is wrong according to Z frame 255. And, we also see the reverse in that the position of the limousine in Z frame 255 is wrong according to Altgens 6. Which is right Altgens 6 or Z frame 255 or neither?

There are odd things that can be seen when you look at the Dal-Tex closely in Altgens 6. One of these is bullet holes in the face of the Dal-Tex below the 3rd floor window. You can count more than half a dozen.



Are these artifacts of the assassination coming from say Tosh Plumlee’s abort team or are they just the work of some drunk Texan late at night? The two holes above the second floor window are suspicious in nature. They appear to have been made by a larger weapon such as a .50 caliber weapon. The third floor window has something sticking out of it, perhaps a rifle. There is a face in the second pane. One wonders if this is someone playing pranks on the viewer or, is it the real thing? Is it the real thing? Harold Weisberg noted this I believe as early as 1967.

Then there is the man on the fire escape. He is possibly a Cuban or Latin. He appears to be talking into a hand held radio. Is he a spotter for a shooting team? Is he an actual Kennedy assassination assassin?



And, here is another crop from Altgens 6 that may show another shooting team in a Dal-Tex window.



Here, we have a rifle or some object sticking out the window. We have a person staring out of the upper part of the window. Harold Weisberg noticed this early on. Another shooting team or someone setting up people to believe that there was shooting from the Dal-Tex?

We will continue this discussion of Altgens 6 in Part II.