Altgens 6- Revisited Part II

Altgens 6- Revisited Part II

Altgens 6- Revisited Part II continues with the analysis of the fraud found in the Altgens 6 photo.

The next thing to discuss in Altgens 6- Revisited Part II as we move forward in the picture is the crowd standing on the walk in front of the Dal-Tex and the security vehicle for the Vice-President.

Here is a cropped enlargement of the section in question.

This observation has to do with a camera lens. Can a camera lens distort one part of a photo and leave other parts undistorted? That’s the question. The people on the walk seem natural and undistorted while the Johnson security vehicle is greatly distorted in perspective and size. The motorcycle policeman in the foreground is undistorted. The only thing I can think of to explain this unnatural image is that the image of the security vehicle comes from another photo indicating Altgens 6 as a fake.

Zapruder frame 159 shows an altered Johnson security vehicle. Is the altered vehicle in Zapruder frames 159 through Z frame 166 make the vehicle in Altgens easier to see as altered or not? What is going on there that requires alteration of the Johnson security vehicle in Altgens and Zapruder? Can you see the invisible shotgun being held out the window of the vehicle?

Next, as we continue to move forward in Altgens 6- Revisited Part II is the folk in the TSBD doorway. In particular, who is the man known as the Doorway Man? Is this man Lee Harvey Oswald, an Oswald double, or is it Billy Lovelady. That is the argument and it is one that has been going on for decades. Some, say this argument is settled. I have discussed this in another discussion called The Prayer Man and John Martin. However, just to stay in tune with moving forward in Altgens 6 we will discuss Doorway Man briefly, again.

The argument about Doorway Man is whether he is Lee Harvey Oswald or Billy Lovelady. One side chooses Oswald and the other Lovelady. I choose neither because, the Doorway can’t be Oswald and it is definitely not Billy Lovelady. It is an unknown person who the assassination cover-up experts decided to hide his identity. I speculate it is an Oswald Double. A second Oswald would help explain the different stories and clothing differences witnesses talk about.

Let’s deal with Billy Lovelady first. Why not Lovelady? The figure in the doorway’s face is covered with a Billy Lovelady face mask. Can you see the face mask in this Altgens crop? The red arrow points to the area of the mask.  Can you see the differences in skin tone between the mask and the figures real skin tone.

And, in this photo crop the outline of the mask is shown:

And, can be seen better in the following montage:


The Doorway Man is not Billy Lovelady. So, we have Oswald and an unknown person to choose from. Let’s eliminate Oswald as the Doorway Man. First off, the crops shown above are from Altgens 6. The alleged timing of this event is the presidential limousine has passed the TSBD and is now at the position of Z frame 255 beyond the Stemmons Freeway sign. The time is just a little after the first shot hits President Kennedy. A lot of people think this is Oswald.

The following is from the Weigman film, I believe, in which we see the Prayer Man.  I believe this is a crop from a larger picture showing a Dallas Police Officer, Marion Baker, approaching the doorway of the TSBD.  So, where did Baker meet Oswald?

Most people have concluded that the Prayer Man is Oswald. The timing of this scene is probably 1 minute more or less after the assassination. That suggests Oswald hung around in the door way after Ike Altgens captured him on film from about a minute earlier. Prayer Man was named because people could not identify what he had in his hands. I speculated he was drinking a coke until I saw the Martin film frame by frame.

Later, it will be shown he has a camera in his hands. That leads to a very important question. Where is his camera and film? This scene is Oswald after the assassination. It is fairly important as one would think. If you believe that this is Oswald, it demonstrates Oswald didn’t shoot Kennedy because he was in the doorway at a time where he could not have run down the stairs and showed up there in time to be photographed. It’s an argument that many make.

Where was Oswald during the assassination, not afterwards? That is the important question. The answer has gone unknown for 54 years. The John Martin film has the answer and I don’t know why people haven’t seen this in 54 years. It is amazing! The Kennedy assassination literature is vast and if I am wrong make a comment with support and we will re-edit this post on this point.

The John Martin film has imagery of Prayer Man and the presidential limousine passing the doorway of the TSBD. Prayer Man or Oswald is on the Elm Street curb filming. There is about 4 seconds worth of frames. If his camera was moving at the speed of Zapruders there will be about 70 frames to inspect. The following shows Oswald filming on the curb of Elm Street in front of the TSBD as the presidential limo approaches Oswald. The frame is fairly blurry so the next frame will show the presidential limo’s front tire as it passes the walkway emptying out to Elm Street.

And, here is shown the front tire of the limousine as it passes Oswald.

There are three important points to make here.

1.) Oswald could not have shot and killed President Kennedy unless his camera was a weapon that he fired at the President as he passed within 10 feet of him at the Elm Street curb. Doug Horne of the ARRB claims President Kennedy was shot 3 times in the head. One of these go from the upper right frontal bone (forehead) to the left parietal bone, the rear of the skull high up on the skull. This claim of a second or third head shot presents a fairly level trajectory that could have been done at street level.  How about that Lone Gunners?  To much speculation?

2.) Where is Oswald’s camera and film. No one, I repeat no one, has ever mentioned this that I know of in the literature.

3.) Did the shorter paper bag mentioned by Wesley Frazier contain curtain rods, or shades, or a camera?

I apologize to the reader. There was no brief way to talk about the Doorway Man. Let’s move on.

The presidential vehicle offers a number of interesting topics. The first of these is the bullet hole in the windshield. Many people argue that this bullet hole was made by a bullet fired from the front and is responsible for President Kennedy’s throat wound.



In this scene we can see President Kennedy’s hands are raised, apparently clutching at his throat. He has been shot. Jackie Kennedy is holding his arm.  There will be more about that arm later. This supposedly corresponds to Z frame 255 in the Zapruder film. The official version, the Warren Commission, is he is shot in the back from the 6th floor of the TSBD, the bullet comes out of his throat and, hits Governor Connally causing several more wounds. It has no energy left to create a bullet hole in the windshield hence, a bullet hole in the windshield doesn’t exist. It is the Single Bullet Theory or Magic Bullet Theory.

We have a similar scene from Houston Street taken from the Marie Muchmore film. There is a suggestion of a bullet hole in the front windshield in the same spot as the one pictured above. The frame is not of great quality and somewhat blurred. There is more than 1 frame showing this bullet hole.

President Kennedy’s shoulders appear to be hunched and he is looking down and to the left with a pained expression. He appears to be under stress and suffering pain. Connally does not appear to be shot. The next photo connects the dots so to speak.

The red line suggests a shot from the TSBD or, it could have happened earlier on Main Street say from the Triple Underpass from the Ghost Train. There has to be a reason for all of the film editing at the intersection of Main and Houston. Altgens 5, Marie Muchmore, Robert Hughes, and John Martin are several to mention as being edited. I will post on the alteration of these films at a later date.

The shot, if on Houston Street, would not come from the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest but, from the offices on the second or third floor or, the fire escape just off the second floor offices. This shot and another would be in accord with Bonnie Ray William’s first statement to the authorities. Williams said he heard two shots as the presidential vehicle turned onto Houston Street. His statement is backed up by Marie Muchmore’s first statement of hearing shots when the motorcade turned onto Houston.

All of the films showing the intersection of Main and Houston have been edited. Something must have happened there. Maybe not what is shown above but, something happened there or very close to it perhaps back on Main Street. The AMIPA shows shooting on Main Street just as the presidential vehicle moves west of Market Street.

This scenario and the first is complicated by what Jackie Kennedy said about Jack Kennedy being shot just after she noticed a blue-grey building. There is no blue-grey building on Houston or Main.  It is definitely not down by the Grassy Knoll. It was his “last expression” she said. The only place one can find a blue-grey building on the motorcade route was on South Record Street just across from Old Court House on Main Street. It was torn down and replaced after the assassination.

There is no blue-grey building on Houston Street or Elm Street. There is certainly no blue-grey building on Elm Street near the Grassy Knoll for Jackie Kennedy to see just prior to the shooting. But, there is one on Record and Main Streets. There being no blue-grey building by the Grassy Knoll according to Jackie Kennedy is a prime indication of the Grand Deception on Elm Street.

Could this be true? I will refer you to another discussion article Jackie Kennedy It is What She Said.

Altgens 6 is a particularly offensive photo due to there being so many perspective problems found in it. Governor Connelly is a big man but, he is not twice the size of President Kennedy. He does appear to be a much larger man. His head is nearly twice as large as the head of Roy Kellerman and President Kennedy.

The perspective of the vehicle moves to the right but, the interior scenes perspective moves to the left. Jackie Kennedy’s position is too far to the front and too far to the left indicating she is sitting very close to President Kennedy. Normally, in just about all other photos she is sitting directly behind Nellie Connally. She appears to have taken Nellie Connally’s place.

If you look closely, Jackie Kennedy appears to be holding President Kennedy’s detached left arm. Kennedy’s left hand appears to be nearly as large as his head. There should be no fore shortening there. His left hand should be the same size as his right hand and near his throat. President Kennedy’s detached left arm is in the same plane as Governor Connally and it is as if Kennedy is trying to punch Connally in the head.  President Kennedy’s arm appears to be amputated inches above the elbow.  Jackie Kennedy appears to be sitting in Nellie Connally’s jump seat or in her lap.

It is a really strange perspective problem. Have you heard of this in 54 years of research? More artists really need to look at the Dealey Plaza visual record for artistic mistakes or perspective mistakes. It does appear that the photo editors of this scene were not very good artists or if they were they overlooked these perspective problems knowing that other people would not see them. I think they took a reasonable gamble because no one has seen a lot of things like this in 54 years.

It is my opinion that the people who rely on scientific measurements or photogrammetric techniques cannot not see the perspective or content problems with their eyes. That’s why they rely on those techniques. Perhaps they lack the training or simply can’t see these problems.

In this crop photo above, she and Nellie Connally are not seen in their usual places. A window shade, not seen in most other photos, has been placed there to cover this perspective mistake. Jackie Kennedy appears to be sitting in Nellie’s place.

This Altgens 6 scene is allegedly the same as Z frame 255. Let’s take a look at it Z frame 255. Notice she is sitting directly behind Nellie Connally with her side and back against the left side of the limousine.

There is another issue here related to Jackie Kennedy’s position in the limousine. This is the window beside Nellie Connally. Notice the window does not have a shade. It does in Altgens 6. I believe the inserted shade is there to cover up the perspective mistake involving Jackie Kennedy. Altgens 5 also has a shade there on Nellie’s window. It is probably there in Altgens 5 to bona fide the shade in Altgens 6. Here is another Altgens photo where there is no shade. This is from Altgens 4 taken on Main Street. Altgens 4 offers the only frontal shot of the BB Lady.

If you go back and review the visual media in this discussion you will not see a shade for Nellie’s window in the Muchmore Frame, Zapruder frame 255, and in this crop of Altgens 4. You can look for it in other films and photos. You will not find it.

The next thing about the presidential limousine in Altgens 6 is the reflections in the side of the vehicle. These will be discussed in Part III