Mary Moorman’s Other Polaroid- The McBride Polaroid

Mary Moorman’s Other Polaroid- The McBride Polaroid

Mary Moorman’s Other Polaroid- The McBride Polaroid is a fake altered photo

I have never really taken the time to look at Mary’s photo of Dallas Police Officer Glen McBride. Since, it just showed Officer McBride in a very faded and distorted photo, I held the photo of not any great importance or relevance.

How wrong good a fellow be? Very, very wrong in this case involving Mary’s Other Polaroid- The McBride Polaroid. It seems this is not the first time making this kind of mistake by not looking at something closer. I have forgotten the major concept in this study. Every thing visually recorded on the day of the assassination may have passed through the photo editors hands and has been tainted by alteration.

It seems that people have a different numbering system for Mary’s photos. I simply used Moorman 3 which should have been her other Polaroid or something similar. The McBride Polaroid is a good term for this Polaroid since it concerns Glen McBride.  So, this explains the title Mary Moorman’s Other Polaroid- The McBride Polaroid.

Something caught my eye which made me look at the photo closer. This was the 60 or so foot tree covering the western face of the TSBD.

What’s wrong with a 60 foot or so tall tree being in the picture? Well, it is illusionary and non-existent. It is a photo inserted object and makes this Polaroid of Officer McBride a fake altered photo. What is being hidden by the tree? But, that is not the only thing as I will show as we go along. Here’s the fake tree.


Along with the fake tree the sixth and seventh floors have been cut off. What is being hidden?

The day after the assassination people came by Dealey Plaza and left flowers. This is what that looked like. There is no 60 or so foot tree covering the west face of the TSBD.





That ought to prove beyond a doubt that Mary’s other Polaroid is a fake just like Mary’s more famous Polaroid. And, in her portrait Polaroid having flat shoes versus high heels makes her portrait Polaroid a fake also. The fake portrait Polaroid plus the McBride Polaroid suggests in a major way that since these are a fake, Mary’s most famous Polaroid is a fake also. It suggests that time and effort was taken to alter Mary’s more famous Polaroid into false information to support the Lone Gunman Theory.

I don’t understand. I really don’t understand why people have not noticed this before. It has been 54 years since this photo went public. How many thousands and thousands of people have looked at this photo in believe they were looking at a real piece of evidence. This is just another point backing up my believe that most if not the entire visual record of Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination has been altered. I can only think that most people believe what they are looking at is real and do not question what they see. These alterations conceal reality and leave us with a myth, The Lone Gunman Theory.

We go on with the next thing wrong with the McBride Polaroid. That is the row of people known in the Zapruder film as Mannequin Row. In Zapruder frame 1 to about Z frame 200. There are 19 people there from the light pole to the Stemmons Freeway sign. In the McBride Polaroid there is 3 or 4 maybe slightly more hidden by Officer McBride. Definitely, there is not 19. Let’s just say that more than 10 are not shown in the McBride Polaroid that should be there according to Zapruder 140.



This would indicate there was a time difference problem here. Some people say this is before the Mannequin Row crowd gathered. Others have said that the time for this Polaroid is from 2 minutes to 15 to 20 minutes before the presidential limousine shows up. This is simply not so and cannot be true. I will explain directly. But, first here is what is said on another website.

This is the kind of JFK assassination disinformation put out on the internet for uninformed people. The bold statements are particularly egregious pieces of false and dishonest information. I will show this to be true as we analyze this photo.
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A police escort was riding by where Mary Ann was standing 15 or 20 minutes ahead of the President’s motorcade. Motorcyle Officer Glen McBride was one of three VERY advanced motorcycle policemen. Mary Ann knew Officer Glen McBride and she took his picture. “I did step out into the street to take his picture.” Then a while later, there was another lead car coming by. Following that lead car there were two or three other policemen that came down the street and one of them was Motorcycle Officer George Lumpkin. Mary Ann stepped into the street and took her second photograph on the new roll of film. Later, she gave this picture of Lumpkin to him because she thought he would want to have it. Officer Lumpkin moved to East Texas later and she never saw the photograph again. She knew Officer Lumpkin because he directed traffic at her church. Mary Ann confirmed she stepped out into the street to take this picture of Lumpkin. He was riding on his motorcycle.

After taking the picture of Office Lumpkin, she could see that the President’s car was getting close. She just wanted a really good picture. “I had been in the street taking a picture of Lumpkin.” Mary Ann was looking into the camera watching the President’s car as it approached. She said she stepped back and up onto the curb and onto the grass as the President’s car was going to approach and before she took the photograph of the President’s car. She did not specifically try to take a picture of J.B. Marshall, motorcycle policemen, who was riding behind the President’s car. She was specifically trying to take a photograph of the President.

Mary Ann took only three photographs on the new roll of film. One photo of Motorcyle Officer Glen McBride, 15 or 20 minutes before the President’s car arrived. One photo of Motorcyle Officer George Lumpkin who was riding behind a lead car many minutes following the first photo she took and before the Presidents car approached. Mary Ann Moorman stood in the street when said she took each of these first two photographs of motorcyle policemen on the new roll of film. Mary Moorman said she was not standing in the street when she took the third photograph on the second roll of film, which is the photograph she took of the President’s car and was the last photograph which she took that day.

Mary Ann has in her possession from the second roll of film, two original photographs, the photo of Motorcyle Officer Glen McBride and the photograph she took of the President’s car.

Mary Ann Moorman, took only five poloroid photographs on November 22nd. Two on the first roll of film which was still in her camera on that morning, and three on the second roll of film which she purchased on November 22nd just before walking to the location in Dealey Plaza where she was standing to watch the motorcade starting from approximately 10.30 am.”
The bold statements above will be falsified as we go along. First off, the real time in this McBride Polariod should be less than 20 seconds, there about 20 or so seconds is the time in the Zapruder Gap, from the last time we saw Glen McBride before the Zapruder Gap in Z frame 132. In the Polaroid, Officer McBride has moved down the street from the time we last saw him in Z frame 132 where the Zapruder Gap begins. He hasn’t move that far so we are looking into the Zapruder Gap. His position in the Polaroid is about equal to presidential limousine in Z frame 170 in between the R L Thornton sign and the Stemmons sign.

The bold statements above put Officer McBride of the Advance Motorcycles in an anachronistic situation. He can’t be in Dealey Plaza 15 or 20 minutes before he actually arrived in Dealey Plaza. He should be out at Love Field or enroute to Dealey Plaza. There are no “Very advanced Motorcycles”. I will repeat that. There are no “Very Advanced Motorcycles”. Particularly 15 or 20 minutes before they actually arrive on Elm Street.

This Polaroid gives us a look into the Zapruder Gap. A look into what was happening between Z frame 132 and 133. And, it presents a real problem concerning the Mannequin Row seen in Zapruder. The McBride Polaroid shows you a nearly empty row and The Zapruder film shows you a row filled with 19 people shoulder to shoulder.

So, what is the time of the McBride Polaroid? It is easy to calculate if you know the order of the Presidential Motorcade and use the Zapruder film as a yardstick and a clock. This is a dangerous assumption due to the fraudulence of the Zapruder film. It is as follows and we see only the bold elements in the Zapruder film.

Presidential Motorcade of concern in order:

1.) Advance Car- not shown in Zapruder film
2.) Pilot Car- not shown in Zapruder film
3.) Advance Motorcycles (3)- Glen McBride is the outside rider (picture right). These are the 3 motorbikes we see in Zapuder frames 1 to 132. And, then they disappear.
4.) Lead Motorcycles (5)- not shown in Zapruder film
5.) Lead Car (Capt. Jesse Curry driving)- not shown in the Zapruder film
6.) Presidential Limousine (shows up magically in Z frame 133)

In the McBride Polaroid, Officer McBride is just past where he disappeared in the Zapruder film frame 132. This is about at the area shown Z frame 170. It is about 2 seconds since he vanished at Z frame 132. This makes the McBride Polaroid and the Zapruder film an impossible match. And, to try to say something other as the website quoted above does is to engage in Lone Gun or Lone Nutter arguments which are generally filled with falsity, disinformation and, irrational arguments.

Can we shed more light on this? Why, yes. Look at the next composite montage at the shadows of the Motorcycle Policemen. Look at the shadows as indicators of time.



In the left hand photo the motorbike’s shadow indicates a time around noon or slightly before. The right hand photo indicates a time of 12:30, the time of the assassination. The JFK Murder Solved Forum folks were probably using the shadow of the motorbike to calculate the time as 15 to 20 minutes before the president arrived. That would be true if the photo was a real representation of that time and place rather than a faked fraud.

First off, there are no “Very advanced Motorcycles”. Look at the motorcade schematic listed above. The 3 Advance Motorcycles open up the Zapruder film.

They are not the first elements of the parade. The first elements are the Advance Car and the Pilot Car. These are not seen in Zapruder. Moving the Advance Motorcyles from Z frame 1 to Z frame 132 takes about 7 seconds. We can use that to calculate the time in the Zapruder Gap.

After this element comes the Lead Motorcycles (5) and the Lead Car with Captain Curry. If you throw in the presidential limousine which appears at Z frame 133 then you have 3 elements following the Advance Motorcycles. If you calculate 7 seconds for the next 3 elements to pass on through or in the case of the presidential limousine to show up in Z frame 133, then you will have a Zapruder Gap time of 21 seconds or less. It could be longer depending on slow downs or near stoppages or a full stop.

Well, how do we get those different shadows or motorbikes. Altgen 6 shadows are pretty much true according to other films and photos. The ringers are the McBride Polaroid shadows that show a time of about noon. He is about 2 seconds forward in space and time from his last position in the Zapruder film at Z frame 132. That time is still 12:30 or 12:29.

From this you must conclude the McBride shadows are not real. You don’t have to work over time and stretch your ability to communicate the truth by accepting those shadows as real. The McBride image is a photo editor insert just as the non-existent tree is. It is an image taken from another photo just about the same time in the parade as the following photo. The following image is not taken at the same exact time but, fairly close to it and is representative.

In this photo we see the 3 elements of the parade, the Lead Motorcycles, the Lead Car, and the presidential limousine. At the Elm intersection this group will take about 21 to 30 or so seconds to turn on to Elm Street from Houston and reach the area of Z frame 133. The 1st and 2nd elements will travel out of the Zapruder filming area. Then the presidential limousine will show up magically on Elm Street in Z frame 133.



The shadows are right under the motorbikes clearly indicating a time at noon or a little time before. This is very similar to the McBride Polaroid showing that the McBride image could come from another photo. The background could have been taken earlier by another photographer. My favorite suspect is Ike Altgens for the background of the McBride Polaroid. He wandering around Dealey Plaza taking pictures early, before the Motorcade showed up. Another photographer is probably responsible for the image Glen McBride.

There is one last point to consider. That is one of the people standing in the Mannequin Row area. It is a figure that is a dead ringer for Phil Willis. At this time Willis should be on the NW corner of Houston and Main. Phil Willis is a special character of interest to me. His appearance in the various films and photos does not in some case appear to be believable. There will be more on Willis later.


What is the purpose of altering this photo? I can only think of a couple possible reasons. The fake tree and cutting off the 6th and 7th floors is to hide information about those areas. Perhaps it would have shown people where they shouldn’t be. Showing McBride where he is more than likely relates to bona fide Mary Moorman’s position on the grass in front of the Grassy Knoll.

I have already shown in other Moorman articles that she was wearing high heels that day. That morning in Dallas there was a heavy rain. How heavy? Look at this photo from Love Field. There was a heavy rain that would have soaked the grassy areas and made them muddy.

There are several witnesses who spoke of muddy conditions. Read Tosh Plumlee’s abort team statements. Mary would not have been able to travel on the grassy areas with high heels due to sinking into the ground. That is why her high heels were photo edited to black flat shoes. Along with the length of Mary’s raincoat, this makes the portrait Polaroid of Mary Moorman a fake Polaroid. This gives us at least 3 fake Polaroids. Flat shoes as versus high heels makes it easier to believe she was walking around out in the grass.


What is the point of this article? It is simply to show that there is dwindling supply of visual evidence to support the claims of the Lone Gunman Theory. Mary’s famous Polaroid, one of the top pieces of JFK assassination evidence, taken before the Grassy Knoll is a fraud. Seeing Mary wearing high heels in the Allen photo crop shows that her portrait polaroid taken by Jean Hill is a fraud. The McBride Polaroid is also a fake as we have just demonstrated. It makes it easier to believe her famous Grassy Knoll Polaroid is a fraud also. At least 3 of Mary’s Polaroids are fakes which were altered to give supporting evidence to the Lone Gunman Theory.