Oswald- Things That Say Oswald Was Innocent

Oswald- Things That Say Oswald Was Innocent

Some Things FromThe Internet: Oswald Was Innocent

I went looking on the internet for a list or lists of reasons why Oswald was innocent. I didn’t find much. I only found Mark Lane’s brief for the Warren Commission and Ralph Cinque’s site Oswald site, OSWALD INNOCENCE CAMPAIGN.  Maybe I didn’t look as long as I should have.

Mark Lane’s post was in tune with what I was looking for. Cinque’s site was mainly about the Doorway Man of Altgens 6 and little else. There was an impressive list of folks who support Cinque, a very impressive list.

So, here’s my attempt to assemble of a list of reasons Oswald was innocent. This may be amended if I find something new.

Oswald was on the Elm Street curb taking a photo of President Kennedy during the assassination.  Prayer Man is Oswald.  This is one of about 70 frames from the John Martin Film showing Lee Harvey Oswald was not in the building, the TSBD, on the 6th floor shooting JFK.



From two top law enforcement officials:

J Edgar Hoover to President Lyndon Johnson: LBJ Phone Calls – November 1963- Less than 24 hours after the assassination of President Kennedy, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover reported to the new President Johnson on the state of the investigation. Noting that the evidence against [Oswald] is “not very very strong”. (This I would take to mean “very very weak”. (In other words, Oswald Was Innocent)

Captain Jesse Curry- “We don’t have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody’s yet been able to put him in the building (Texas School Book Depository) with a gun in his hand.” (In other words, Oswald Was Innocent)

The seven closest witnesses to the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest:

The seven closest witnesses to the alleged firing of a rifle from the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest disagree on whether the shots came from there. Three black men on the 5th floor directly below the Sniper’s Nest disagree on where the shots came from. Bonnie Ray Williams and Harold Norman agree the shots came from directly above. At first, James “Junior” Jarman agreed with Williams and Norman but, later changed his testimony at a Warren Commission hearing in Washington, D.C. to say that he heard “shots coming from low and to the left”. The 5th floor witnesses do not agree on where the shots came from.

Four white women on the 4th floor, 3 sets of windows from the east side of the TSBD, were Dorothy May Garner, Elsie Doorman, Sandra Styles, and Victoria Adams. This is about 40 feet, less than the distance across the average American home, from the alleged Sniper’s Nest. Victoria claimed that all 4 of them thought the sound of the shots came from the grassy knoll area not the TSBD. Sandra Styles said she didn’t know where the shots came from. But, in later testimony she said she thought they came from the Grassy Knoll while the President was in the intersection under the trees. Dorothy May Garner said the shots came from the west of the building. Elsie Dorman said she thought the shots came from the Court Records Building on Houston St. All indicated they heard nothing from above. They heard no rifle shots, no working of a bolt action, no spent shells hitting the floor, and no vibrations of the building with cement settling in their hair. The 4th floor witnesses say that the shots they heard came from places other than the 6th floor of the TSBD.

In a court of law this testimony from these 7 witnesses would constitute reasonable doubt and establish Oswald as not guilty. Two witnesses say shots came from the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest and 5 witnesses say the shots came from places other than the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest. Guess who the Warren Commission believed? Oswald Was Innocent.

Speaking of a court of law, this notion provides us with what should have been our first point that Oswald Was Innocent. That is a court of law never found Oswald guilty. Technically, no one can say Oswald was guilty. It is not really the way it works but, everyone is innocent until proven guilty is the legal opinion and it should be.

Oswald is guilty because people proclaim he is guilty based on certain questionable evidence or none at all. Mark Lane in his brief for the Warren Commission (see later on in the article) quickly deals with and pushes to the side this line of reasoning. What Lane did in 1964 has since been amplified by others making his statements more believable.

There is not really any undisputed evidence indicating Oswald’s guilt. On closer inspection, everything concerning Oswald’s guilt devolves to questionable evidence or circumstantial evidence on this sort. “Oswald was in the building” or “Oswald fired 3 shots from the 6th floor window”. Even that is not correct or can’t be proven.

The Warren Commission states that President Kennedy was shot twice from 3 rounds fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. He fired these rounds from the 6th floor of the TSBD in about 6 seconds from the alleged Sniper’s Nest. The AMIPA film indicates that President Kennedy was shot at least 4 times on Main Street just west of Market Street before the motorcade reached the intersection of Main and Houston. Once in the head and 3 times in the back. Watch the AMIPA film one frame at a time and this becomes apparent. Read Jackie Kennedy’s statements about a blue-grey building. She said it was ahead as the shooting started. There is no blue-grey building on Elm Street going toward the Triple Underpass.

The photos, known as the Backyard Photos, framed Oswald in 1964. This was when one was published on the front cover of Life magazine. These photos are altered fakes and are easily exposed as such. See Lee Harvey Oswald and his Shadows.

Altgens photos 5, 6, and 7 are altered photos giving fraudulent evidence on what occurred on the day of the assassination. See Altgens 5, A Clue To Shooting On Houston Street and, Altgens 6 Revisited (Part I)

The Zapruder film and other films that show similar content of the assassination are fraudulent. There are many examples of this. See The Zapruder Film- The Grand Deception On Elm Street, Zapruder Frame 319– Weird and Just Plain Irrational Things, and The Zapruder Film Content Problems– The Grand Deception on Elm Street Continued.

The Altgens 6 photograph and the Weigman film indicate that Oswald was not on the 6th floor. These are arguments that have raged for decades.
“The Altgens photo holds proof that Oswald was on the outside of the building during the shooting, and it destroys the entire case against Oswald as assassin.” Harold Weisberg. This is a maybe or maybe not issue. For more information on this read the Altgens 6 Revisited series and Prayer Man and John Martin.

Oswald spoke! He gave his alibi: “Out with Bill Shelley in front”. Here are the facts: “Out with Bill Shelley in front”. Maybe at one point he was standing near Bill Shelley. The John Martin film has him standing by the Elm Street curb not in the TSBD door way as the presidential limousine went by.

If you accept the Altgens 6 photo as a true and factual piece of evidence then the Doorway Man is definitely Billy Lovelady. I don’t accept the Altgens 6 photo as factual. It is a fake. You can prove its fraudulence in many different ways. One of the most important pieces of evidence proving falsehood is the Billy Lovelady face mask applied to the Doorway Man figure. I’ve had time to think about this and what I have written earlier. There needs to be a slight but, I think significant change to the Doorway Man / Prayer Man story.

At this point we can take the time to add to the Oswald is innocent notion by adding to the Doorway / Prayer Man argument. As said earlier in other writings I wrote that the Doorway Man was neither Lee Harvey Oswald or Billy Lovelady. Doorway Man was a person whose identity had to be hidden by a Lovelady face mask. The John Martin film proves that if the Prayer Man was Oswald then he was on the Elm Street curb taking photos of the presidential limousine as it passed his location. This is why neither Oswald or Lovelady was the Doorway Man.

*Now, I have to amend this as it struck me that the Doorway Man could be Oswald if the Prayer Man / Oswald was an Oswald double. This could mean Doorway Man was Oswald and Prayer Man was a double. What evidence backs this up? It is very little. Prayer Man has his sleeves rolled up above his elbows, this is a military habit in hot weather in the Army and I don’t know about the Marines. If the Marines had the same regulationary regime for rolled sleeves than Prayer Man’s rolled up sleeves in the doorway of the TSBD and the Elm Street curb are the only places you see that. It could indicate a military man, Oswald? Normally, Oswald has his sleeves rolled down in all other photos. Regardless, of who’s who Lee Harvard Oswald was not in the Sniper’s Nest, Oswald was Innocent.

Was the Mannlicher-Carcano paid for? The rifle was allegedly paid for by a money order. The money order was never cashed at a bank. Without the money in hand, would the mail order house, Klein’s Sporting Goods, release the rifle for shipment? I don’t think so. Oswald was innocent.

Barry Krusch does a fine job of proving Oswald is innocent is his book IMPOSSIBLE: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald. How many shells were left in the alleged Sniper’s Nest? Was it two or three? What was the chain of evidence for these shells. The answers to these questions are provided by Barry Krusch in the internet video Recent Photos From the National Archives Prove: Lee Harvey Oswald …

Barry Krusch’s work can not be denied, refuted, or ignored.

Some odds and ends to consider:

• Witnesses said the gunman wore a white shirt. Oswald wore a brown shirt.
• Amos Euins said the shooter had a noticeable bald shot. Oswald had thinning hair but, no noticeable bald spot. Euins later admitted the man he saw was black.
• A gunman was noticed on the 6th floor 15 minutes before the motorcade arrived. Oswald was eating lunch at this time.
• Oswald was seen 90 seconds after the assassination in the 2nd floor break room. He was seen by Officer Marion Baker and TSBD Superintendent Roy Truly. Marion Baker is a liar. He first said in a 11-22-63 statement, first hand written and then typed and signed, that he saw a man on the 3rd or 4th floor as he went up the steps. Baker gave the man’s description and it did not match Oswald.
• The man was identified by Roy Truly as a TSBD employee. There was no mention of a second floor break room incident. That came later with Roy Truly. The iconic second floor break room incident did not happen.
• Between Baker and Truly, who was the liar?  Or both?

A website offering Mark Lane’s defense brief for Oswald-


The following 10 items are from “Oswald Innocent?—A Lawyer’s Brief A Report to the Warren Commission by Mark Lane”. There are more than these 10 items indicating Oswald’s innocence. These will give you some idea of what Mark Lane was saying.

1) A number of witnesses saw Oswald at the 6th floor window. There was one who couldn’t really identify Oswald.( I think this was Howard Brennan)
2) Oswald’s palm print was on the stock of the rifle. The FBI found no usable prints on the rifle before the palm print was found.
3) Oswald’s palm print was found a box in the Sniper’s Nest. This is not relevant because he carried boxes as part of this job. His palm print could be anywhere on boxes in the TSBD. Then there is the monkey business with the FBI at the funeral home.
4) Paraffin tests showed Oswald fired a gun. The paraffin tests proved the exact opposite. They proved that Oswald had not fired a gun.
5) Oswald purchased a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle which was used to assassinate President Kennedy. Dallas authorities after hours of examination first established the murder weapon was a German Mauser. They changed the story the following day. Mark Lane says this would blow up the trial.
6) Oswald was seen in the building by a Dallas Police Officer just after the assassination occurred. This is Marion Baker and the 2nd floor break room story, the holding a coke story. Marion Baker was a liar. He adjusted his first statements to the police given on 11-22-63. He first said he saw a man on the 3rd or 4th floor and gave that man’s description. It later went out as Oswald’s description but, it didn’t describe Oswald.
7) Oswald’s wife said that the rifle was missing Friday morning. “Later we discovered that Mrs. Oswald stated that she never knew that her husband owned a rifle nor did she know he owned a pistol (New York Times, Dec. 8)”. This is another debunking of the Backyard Photos. This means Marina didn’t take the photos. She lied when she said she did.
8) Oswald had a package under his arm. The package was said to be window shades. Could the package have been smaller and actually a large camera? See The Prayer Man and John Martin.
9) Oswald, while taking a bus from the scene, laughed loudly as he told a woman passenger that the President had been shot. Did Oswald take a bus or leave in a stations wagon car as described by Roger Craig? We can’t have Oswald in two places, can we? (If Oswald and a double were present at the TSBD then that would explain the Doorway Man / Prayer man story)
10) Oswald shot and killed a police officer, J. D. Tippett. At the time of the shooting according to a witness was 1:06 P. M or 1:07 P. M. She, Helen Markham, was definite about this time. Oswald was in the Texas Movie Theater. Roger Craig say he heard of the shooting at about the same time. Other facts dispute this claim of shooting Tippet.

There are more things that can be said but, I think you will get the idea from the above stated information. Oswald was innocent.