The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

The Murder of Marilyn Monroe- The Green light for the Assassination of John Kennedy

This article is a speculative discussion on something that has bothered me about Robert Kennedy for decades. Why did he support the Warren Commission conclusions in public until the day he died?

From the internet about a book, The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed:

“EXCLUSIVE – Bobby Kennedy ordered the murder of Marilyn Monroe by lethal injection to prevent her from revealing her torrid affairs with RFK and JFK: New book sensationally claims to have finally solved the mystery surrounding her death”

• Investigative journalists Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin believe they have lain to rest any notion that Marilyn committed suicide, and revealed how they think the screen goddess really died

• The Kennedy brothers were ‘passing her around like a football,’ revealed brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, years after she died

• Marilyn knew too much about the Kennedys and threatened to reveal everything

• Bobby Kennedy did not act alone, the authors claim. Complicit in the murder was Lawford and Marilyn’s shrink, who gave her the fatal dose of pentobarbitol

If you were a bunch of Happy Cold Warriors, including CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Joint Military Chiefs, Texas Businessmen, Anti-Castro Cubans, and Mafia Criminal Elements, sitting around planning the murder of President Kennedy then surely one of the calculations would be what to do about U. S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy was a formidable opponent to anyone he considered an enemy.

The major players would be able to control the government and the government’s story. Could they control the President’s brother? He couldn’t be left behind to investigate his brother’s death. The risk was too high. But, how would you accomplish that? A double murder! A planned accident! A suicide!

Fortunately, for them, the events of the Monroe Guest Cottage intervened on August 4, 1962. This was the murder of Marilyn Monroe. Earlier in the year, in February, Marilyn Monroe met John Kennedy at a party given by Peter Lawford and his wife, Pat. At that party Monroe set her sights on John Kennedy and eventually became his paramour. She wanted more. She wanted to become his second wife once Jackie Kennedy was removed from the scene. When this didn’t happen, she continually called the White House harassing the President.



When this harassment became extremely annoying he tasked his brother, Robert, to get take care of her. Marilyn Monroe claimed to love John Kennedy. It is doubtful that a woman of Marilyn Monroe’s nature could love anyone but herself and maybe not even herself. Love was a means to obtain a goal. Below is the outer shell of Marilyn Monroe, the screen image.



When Bobby Kennedy appeared on the scene to talk to Marilyn Monroe he didn’t have a chance. He and Marilyn began an illicit affair that ended badly at the Monroe Guest Cottage. Monroe claimed she “had been passed around like a piece of meat” by the two brothers. She threatened Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy with harmful information she had in a red diary.  This led to the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Internet talk doesn’t give a flattering picture of any of the Kennedy’s. Supposedly, Jackie Kennedy had affairs with Jack’s two brothers while she was married to Jack and afterwards. And, with any Hollywood male star available. Robert Kennedy is alleged to have had a homosexual affair with a Russian ballet dancer. It is suggested that she asked Robert Kennedy to do away with her arch rival, Marilyn.

Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that Jackie Kennedy was in on the assassination of her husband. Many based this on the bizarre statements she made after the assassination concerning her husband’s murder. These bizarre statements are dealt with in The AMIPA Shooting Sequence.

Jack and Jackie Kennedy’s appetite for sexual partners was said to be enormous. Can you figure out what is going on in the following picture with I believe Ben Bradley and wife?



The stakes were high. England’s Secretary of War, John Profumo, had been forced to resign after it was made known that he had an affair with a 19 year old model, Christine Keeler or, as some say prostitute. There were implications of Russian involvement and prostitution. Resignation was the fate of politicians in those days which were caught in scandalous behavior. Scandals of such magnitude always called for resignation or in the case of the President impeachment. Today, gross sexual peccadilloes can still lead to a resignation for politicians.



Bobby Kennedy wanted that red diary and did not stop at murder to obtain it. He was helped in the murder of Monroe by his brother-in-law, Peter Lawford, and Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson. When he heard, did President Kennedy heave a sigh of relief? Did he wonder how Monroe died? Did the “lauded by many” Great Patriot care?



Unfortunately, for them, the Monroe Guest Cottage was wired perhaps by the FBI and others. J. Edgar Hoover now had a handle on Robert Kennedy with which he could make him do anything he wanted. Hoover is often portrayed as one who wasn’t in on the assassination planning but, he was one who simply did nothing and allowed it to happen.



By knowing what happened at the Monroe Guest Cottage, J. Edgar Hoover gave the assassins the green light to the planning and eventual assassination of John Kennedy.



Marilyn Monroe’s murder was passed off as a suicide. But, the real facts were known by high level law enforcement. Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General, could now be black mailed by Washington’s most infamous blackmailer. J. Edgar Hoover, a man who hated both Robert and John Kennedy, called the Attorney General within an hour of the President’s death. More was probably said then that which is indicated by Clint Eastwood’s movie J. Edgar.

The death of President Kennedy’s paramour increased the level of hatred against him as a man and president. Not everyone thought well or worshipped President Kennedy. It was added to the list of reasons why he had to go, particularly in the Mafia.

Along with Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, these were the monsters of my youth not, Hollywood film creatures. And, we didn’t know who or what they were due to a lying press and visual media who portrayed the Kennedy’s in a fantasy Camelot scenario almost totally devoid of the truth.

This scenario explains for me why Robert Kennedy, until the day he died, publicly stated he supported the conclusions of the Warren Commission. This question has bothered me since the 1970’s when it was becoming clear there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. This is my answer to that question.

I found this on the internet after I had composed this article and published it on this website.


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