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This Blog site is for research into the visual record of the Kennedy assassination in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.  There are about 500 photos and films that are said to be available.  Many of these contains information that is viewed but, not really seen or understood. Some things have gone unnoticed for 54 years. And, I can’t help but, ask the question, why?  In fact when you begin to study the films and photos of the assassination, there comes a point when you realize and begin to question whether whatever you see is real or not real.  Upon closer inspection and comparison to other source material one can find things generally not seen at first hand that often invalidates the record due to alteration.  All or most of these visual records have been altered to tell the official government story, the Lone Gunman Theory. I have not studied the written record but, I have run across many instances of altered witness testimonies.

This Lone Gunman story is made up of the conclusions of the Warren Commission.  This is that the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated President Kennedy by firing 3 shots from the Texas School Book Depository’s 6th floor window know as the Sniper’s nest.  There are no known facts that can prove this.  There are no known uncontested facts that can prove this.

The government, mostly through the FBI and other agencies, seized almost all the visual records available.  Some were not returned for years.  There is mounting evidence that visual records from more than 25 photographers seen along the assassination route have disappeared forever.  These are photos and films were taken on the passenger side of the presidential limousine. John Costella, a known and respected JFK researcher, said he thought he was familiar with all of the angles and views in Dealey Plaza. That is until he personally visited there.  Then he saw views and angles of the Plaza that he never saw before.  This is what would have been the evidence that is missing from the 25+ photographers on the passenger side of the presidential limousine.

The discussion articles appearing on this site will attempt to show what has been altered.  And, by understanding what has been altered we may get a better understanding of what actually happened in Dealey Plaza.

There are many, many things one could look into in the Kennedy assassination.  I have chosen to examine the extensive visual record.  By looking at the visual record and how much of it was altered one can get a sense of the underlying truth of the assassination in Dealey Plaza.  One can begin to get a sense of why it was altered.  The story told by a surface examination of the visual record is not a true story.  One must dig deep to find truth. A more active scrutiny reveals a darker, more complex conspiracy then that formed by one or two shooters as reported by The House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Some of the material presented on this blog is repetitious.  It has been discussed on The Education Forum in the JFK Assassination Debate in some form.  Not all of the material that will appear on this website is old discussion.  There will be new things like the military photographers in Dealey Plaza that will offer new and I believe never before seen images of events in Dealey Plaza.  There is knew information and images about the Babushka Lady that I believe has not been recognized before.  Scenes from the Yeargan AMIPA film reveal things never before thought of in the Kennedy assassination.

What is being repeated here in some cases is older material that is form the Education Forum.  This is an attempt to present the older, known material in a clearer and more understandable form, with new material added without interruption, debate, and harassment.

There is no formal order in the presentation of discussion articles driving toward a central thesis. Hopefully, the weight of the discussion articles will show a central thesis offering a different view of the assassination of President Kennedy.  These articles whittle away all support for the Lone Gunman Theory or The Single Bullet Theory.

These discussions do not provide any support for theories supporting or using information from the Zapruder film, Mary Moorman’s Polaroid, Altgens 5, 6, and 7, and those photos known as the Backyard Photos.  These are the primary pieces of visual evidence that convinced the public in 1963 and 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman responsible for killing President Kennedy.  The evidentiary material listed is just the tip of the iceberg in fraudulent records.  This study will bring new evidence to light.  It will uncover things that have been covered up or ignored by people, for various reasons, some sinister.

This is an attempt to identify which records are false and deceptive in order to gain a clearer picture of the events of Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.  So far the evidence in this study is driving towards a different story than that presented by the government in the Warren Commission findings, or in the findings of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, or in the theories of almost all conspiracy theorists who rely on the types of evidence mentioned above.


I must apologize at this point, I am not a wrier.  I have some difficulty writing these articles.  So, please overlook errors in composition, grammar, and spelling.